August 29, 2005

And so, it begins

Tomorrow classes start and I am rather nervous. Part of me finds this funny because I have been teaching this area for a long time and co-taught these classes last year, so the only real change this year is teaching them by myself. However, the "by myself" part is the problem -- the failures are ALL MINE! However, I have the courses pretty well planned out, went and bought supplies tonight for the classroom, and have all of my handouts for tomorrow copied and filed and ready to go. I don't believe there is anything else I can do.

The last few days have been a continued exercise in domestic boredom. The boy and I went to COSTCO on Saturday and got a wide assortment of groceries and random stuff. He got a pair of CK jeans and a few button down shirts. I got a full spectrum UV lamp. I got a sunburn last night from it and am taking it to work. Yesterday, we went over and grilled out with Dave and Amy. On Friday night, we went to a Saints game and that was really fun. We went with a friend of the boy (FOB) and fiance of FOB (FOFOB). I have determined that I really like the fake sumo suits at the Saints game because the way adults run in them looks like kids when they are first learning how to walk and it is hilarious.

The boy set up his old flat screen monitor for me so I now have dual display which is pretty awesome. To celebrate, I downloaded a lot of widgets and now have the Calvin and Hobbes one, the Dilbert one, Foxtrot, the Mac Apple, a chia pet, ical, itunes, itunes lyrics, LiteBrite, a CareBear, a Yoda quote generator, a Family guy quote generator, and Simpsons quote generator, Wikipedia, a clock, StickBrain, and the dancing GIR. Sadly, I have more space left (though fitting them in is like playing an uneven game of Tetris).

Before I head to bed, happy birthday extravaganza to Katie. Now that you are joining the ranks of the old, the CareBears are more important than ever.

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