August 6, 2005

You two careful, he is a big

Before you do anything else, you should go read this. Star Wars captions.

I have only a week left at camp and though I have finally (after 2 weeks here), started working hard, I am still very ready to go home. Today I put together the case for my novices and finalized my grading rubrics and portfolio requirements for the kids. I also worked on developing the novice coursepacks and read a bit of and I was incredibly tempted to get pumpking pancakes this morning but didn't quite feel like it.

I am now realizing just how boring this post is becomming.

I ordered pants today on clearance from jcrew that are light pink. The boy will flip because I think they are worse than the green pants, so now he can't make fun of those. I am sure he will love the pink pants, especially if I wear them with a bright green top. To think I used to not wear colors.

I have also fallen in love with the bike belt. Click on the "other color" link. This might be the cutest thing ever.

I wish I had something in the realm of interesting to say. I don't, so I am going to watch "West Wing" and dream about my pink pants and belt.

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August 1, 2005

Nuke Taiwan Addendum

"Oh even better, we would solve over-population, we nuke Taiwan and then move people there are nuke it again."

Me: "What, is this the counterplan to GITMO?"


"Maybe Taiwan is too small..."

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Nuke Taiwan

So Meiches today is researching a debate case for the next year and has come up with the best idea for the college topic (diplomatic/economic/diplomatic/hr pressure on china). It is a plan to "Nuke Taiwan." Channelling Katie, I inquired how this was topical. The response was that nuking Taiwan would pressure China to change its policy towards Taiwan. Being that their would be no Taiwan, I am sure that is true. Things i remembered today include
a) debaters are crazy
b) Meiches is more crazy than most
c) sadly this might be a pseudo-T case

New quote: "I really think nuking Taiwan solves. It destroys the other of the other"

I got the newest Bicycling magazine earlier today and was quite happy. I also bought a pair of shorts. My life is incredibly exciting, but at least I support the right of Taiwan to exist.

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July 28, 2005

I love orange food

I sat down for lunch today and had a hilarious realization. Everything I was eating was orange. I had left-over Thai red curry over rice, a piece of cheddar cheese, and baby carrots. Ironically, the only other thing on the table was a clear bottle filled with 409's ORANGE POWER cleanser. I decided this was my centerpiece.

Finally, this is one of the best AIM coversations I have had:

(15:47:26) nkhwoodward: yuppers
(15:47:36) nkhwoodward: we do need to get an officiant pretty soon
(15:48:01) nkhwoodward: and probably need to determine if we want a
completely civil style ceremony or anything at all religious/spiritual
(15:51:11) mtkohner: back
(15:51:13) mtkohner: sorry about that.
(15:51:20) mtkohner: I prefer civil.
(15:51:20) nkhwoodward: np
(15:51:35) nkhwoodward: me too but with some readings of the romantic-y variety
(15:51:43) mtkohner: if every other word is god and jesus I'm afriad I
might burst into flame.
(15:51:56) nkhwoodward: ie i dont want 5 minutes of
(15:52:02) nkhwoodward: "do you want to marry you"
(15:52:04) nkhwoodward: "yes"
(15:52:10) nkhwoodward: "and you want to marry you"
(15:52:12) nkhwoodward: "yes"
(15:52:16) nkhwoodward: "good, lets have cake"
(15:52:19) mtkohner: hahahaha
(15:52:35) mtkohner: I like cake
(15:52:36) nkhwoodward: this is going on my blog
(15:53:48) nkhwoodward: but definately no "and god gave adam a helper
in the form of eve and today woman exists to be her husbands helper"
(15:53:53) nkhwoodward: "and clean his feet"
(15:53:54) mtkohner: hahahaha
(15:54:07) mtkohner: you NEVER clean my feet and that disappoints me.
(15:56:04) nkhwoodward: yeah well
(15:56:27) nkhwoodward: you don't protect me from marauding goats so I
am also dissappointed
(15:57:00) mtkohner: hahahaha
(15:57:06) mtkohner: maruading goats/
(15:57:06) mtkohner: ?
(15:57:07) mtkohner: ???
(15:57:13) mtkohner: that'd be a great punk band name.
(15:57:18) nkhwoodward: washing feet?!?!?!
(15:57:27) nkhwoodward: not as good as breathing vaginas
(15:57:45) mtkohner: hahahah
(15:57:56) nkhwoodward: hey, deny it
(15:58:02) mtkohner: heh.
(15:58:27) nkhwoodward: if i was attacked by a goat,would you kill it?
(15:58:33) mtkohner: yes.

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July 27, 2005


So, I wish I had some exciting news to report from the neither reaches of debate camp, but I don't. I have spent much of my time trying to avoid researching "Australia" for the college debate topic, working on developing my high school travel schedule, reading email, and missing the boy.

Missing the boy has taken a lot of that time actually. I have been at this camp for 5 years now and I think each time I was dating someone. Last year was the first year I ever missed someone while I was here. Last year it was tied up in a lot of anxiety and "egads we havent been together for a long time and will he be mad at me when I get back" and I was gone for almost 5 weeks and it was horrendous. This year it isn't that; I have to say I don't really feel much anxiety at all, just a general longing and missing home and the boy and wanting to be back there.

I had a short bad scare last night until this afternoon after I dumped alot of water on the iprecious (not the iprecious that plays music, the iprecious that I use to go online, the first is more accurately the ipodicious). It wouldn't boot up and wouldn't work until I removed the keyboard and put a fan directly on top of it and left it. Everyone who knows anything about computers who I have told this to seems shocked that I did exactly the right thing. I have to say that this was not my idea, it was the boy's. However, I was hopping and jumping and yelling "Precious, Precious" like a really really tall Gollum when it started to work.

I have found two awesome websites.
LiveArchive. This site is a collection of concert mp3s (legal even) from a lot of obscure bands. They have a lot by Cracker, Camper van Beethoven, and Cowboy Junkies, so I am very happy.
This site just has to be experienced. It is a collection of classroom lectures (typically at the graduate level) on a variety of topics. Fascinating. I am especially glad because I had occassionally wondered if my mind might rot next year. Now, thankfully it won't.

Lab so far is going all right. I was wondering if I was just a complete dud this year because when I talk, my affirmative lab tends to look at me as though I am either a) an idiot or b) psychotic. This feeling was lessened by the critique lecture I gave this morning that was awesome. It was really fun to do and the students responded a lot and when I was leaving they all said it was really "sweet" and their favorite lecture so far.
I bet they tell that to all of the debate coaches.

I have been trying to get some exercise while I am out here and have been attempting to walk and not be a slug sitting in my chair the entire time. So far this is going okay, as I have walked to Starbucks once, Merchants once, and have taken a general walk for awhile once also. Another walk is scheduled for this evening.

Before Ileft, the boy and I were drinking a bit of Rasberry Lambic and when I was at Merchant's for dinner they had the bottles in the cooler on sale. I think I might have to procure one and have a relaxing evening sometime while I am here. I love the Raspberry Lambic, but it is almost incomporable to the peach lambic, which the words of five poets could not accurately describe.

We have lab for 45 more minutes and have NOT A DAMN THING to do in some ways. The joys of a micromanaged schedule.

Also, if anyone knows of a way to get the MyTunes program (that isnt the SonicSharer one) for Macs, please let me know and me and my music collection will be greatful.

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May 25, 2005

random im conversation of the day

me: i have found the worst name for a bike yet
boy: ok....shooot!
me: the giant kids bike name is
me: the lil'puddin'
me: now, i like pudding, but this is horrifying
boy: indeed
me: what the hell does pudding have to do with bikes?
boy: Absolutely nothing.
me: except i like to eat pudding after i ride
me: but i always like to eat pudding

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May 9, 2005

Gurgle gurgle floooooop

Is the sound of my stomach. I realize this is reminiscent of the mattresses in one of the Douglas Adams' books. Today has been a day of completition; I finished my last grad schoolpaper, turned it in, proctored on exam, am in the middle of proctoring the second, and (most excitingly), got Tiger for my iPrecious. Oh Apple, maker of phenomally designed and user-friendly products!

Tiger is so cool
Name a widget for me please
I love my dashboard

But arghhh am I in stomach hell and it is making the most interesting noises; like "glooop" and "mrrrrrop" and several other that can not be articulated but sound like Chewbacca while angry. .
I just have to get these exams graded and then no more grad school worries for awhile.

I have been having fun looking at wedding stuff. I have been looking at different places to have them, mainly because they have the food and drink and I like food and drink. Here are thoughts I have preliminarily had: Loring Pasta Bar and Forepaugh's currently look kind of interesting. Any thoughts? (No Katie, this won't become a wedding blog, I promise!!).

Only 8 kids left taking their exam with (officially) 30 minutes to go.

Well this is shocking:

You Are 60% Normal

(Really Normal)

Otherwise known as the normal amount of normal

You're like most people most of the time

But you've got those quirks that make you endearing

You're unique, yes... but not frighteningly so!

How Normal Are You?

Down to only 5 kids left. DAMMIT, finish your exam that should only take about 45 minutes. Slowpokes. I can't blame them too much though; its just that I want my freedom. Wait, after today I don't know if I really have to come back over here for anything really. Wow, that is awesome.

A belated YAY for Katie and Baxter -- Congratulations on a successful comps passage (and congratulations Katie on surviving the lead up to taking comps). I soon will not be able to resist callng Baxter Dr. Baxter Baxter-Kauf. However, I think Hippo needs a PhD because Dr. Hippopotameow is just the greatest name ever.

At the bike race on Saturday, the boy and I both fell in love with a Great Danel. She was fully grown, the really gorgeous blue color, and fully grown (at 130 lbs). She was very curious about bicycles and sniffed the tires until sticking her head all the way through his frame and looking around. It might have been the cutest thing ever. We have both decided that we really really want one. Friends of friends have a Great Dane puppy named Norm. This might be one of the best naming jobs ever.

This is my homage to Virginia Woolf and stream of conscious blogging today.

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May 6, 2005

lots of randomness

You are

What Rejected Crayon Are You?

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April 28, 2005

I really have too much spare time....

You are LaFawnduh. Why are you so sweaty?

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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April 12, 2005

Monkeying around rock climbing

Today has been a pretty good day in my universe. I realized that I had done my taxes wrong, so instead of owing the IRS a big chunk, I actually get a refund. Then, I went and picked my computer up from the Apple store and was so very excited to have it back. Finally, the boy and I went rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors.

OH pizza is here... more later

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This is humorous

As a former Unitarian, I found this hilarious:

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: The Atom Bomb of Enlightened Compassion.

Get yours.

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April 8, 2005

Mountain Biking and Fondue

So, things I have noticed. First, substitute teaching is not the world’s hardest job, particularly when everyone gets laptops and is researching. Secondly, something amazing and wonderful has happened to MN weather and all I want to do is be outside. Thirdly, I really, really wish that I had someone to mountain bike with, especially someone starting out. Ideally, I would find another girl, who is cool, who also wants to learn to mountain bike. Sadly, I cannot find anyone who wants to start out. However, I am very excited about getting to go rock climbing tomorrow; I have never been and am going with a group and it should be really fun and almost like mtb in the getting covered with dirt type of way. I don’t really have much to talk about. Tonight the boy and I are going to the Melting Pot since sometime around now is the 1 year anniversary of our first date. Interestingly, I wasn’t even really thinking about it and he has been the one who has pushed for having a nice date and doing stuff for it. He hasn’t ever had fondue, and we thought about going to Sapor or Alma again, since both of those places have just amazing food, but I think this will be more fun. And we can try to poke each other with the fondue forks (this pretending that I am a mature adult thing is sadly a façade). It is also nice, because the meal is really spaced out there and you have a lot of time to talk, and cooking and eating the food takes time, so it ends up being a really relaxing experience. I went to the one in Nashville for my 21st birthday with about 10 other people and it was the absolutely perfect thing to do. We got to drink good wine, take forever eating, talk, get dressed up and look great, and feel sophisticated. On the topic of dressing up (since I know one of my blog readers might care), I am going to wear this new black wrap dress that I got at the H&M in Chicago. Of course, all of this is after a ride on the West River Road and some skills work. Wow, if anyone could completely geekify mountain biking, it might be me.

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