May 8, 2005

Terrifying Finds

So today as we were cleaning up the apartment we were moving furniture, I came across a horrifying and scary find. Was it porn? If only. Instead, it is the Audio version of "Star Trek Power Klingon: Mastering the Language of Warriors." This was made worse by the statement the boy uttered a few minutes before hand; "I just wrote a script to take all the video files off this webpage!" In case you were wondering, the audiotape includes a phrasebook and argues that "You will learn how to think like a warrior -- to make the language an extension of yourself, to respect its power and be wary of its subtelties." All I have to say about this is "mev!" (Do not eat that). This weekend has been annoying; I got food poisoning on Friday night at a nice restaurant and spent the last few days being violently ill. Actually, I don't think it was food poisoning but an allergic reaction to Morel mushrooms. I suppose if one is going to have an allergy, having it to exotic and expensive foods is better than like one to tomatoes or wheat or something like that. I am very very excited; tomorrow is the last day of school and I have to proctor two exams and finish up a paper. After tomorrow, all I have to do is grade exams and then I AM DONE!!!!! FInally, I am further learning to extent of my lack of patience. My engagement ring is being sized and the person who does the sizing isn't at the store this week, so it has to be sent out. Therefore, the earliest I get my absolutely gorgeous ring is Friday. I have no patience at all.

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April 14, 2005


I noticed today that approximately 3 blocks away from my home a Starbucks is going up. While I recognize that I live right off Uptown and that this is inevitable, I am still not terribly happy about it. We have a lot of great little coffee shops close by and I get really annoyed with the super expensive condos and shops going up. This is not to say that I don't sometimes go get a Venti something or other because I do. I guess I just don't want it close to where I live. In other words, Starbucks is sort of like a toxic waste dump or trash dump -- you use it and don't want it to stop, you just don't want it near you.
I got a weekend job yesterday working on bikes. I am very excited about this (especially the discount) and really glad that I can learn a lot more about bikes and their inner workings. I was kind of hoping for a mechanic type job, but this is far better then nothing. Sadly, I am still sore from rock climbing. I am interested in seeing how the unionization vote goes at the U; it seems that not that many people are voting, which is disappointing. I thought I might kill some of the union folks yesterday as I got 6 phone calls telling me I needed to vote. I was planning on it, but not until later in the day. In other oh so exciting news, I joined MORC and IMBA.

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April 13, 2005


It is an absolutely beautiful day outside and hopefully I will get a ride in. I have an interview for a PT job at a bike shop, which I am very excited about. I actually want to learn how to be a bike mechanic or assemble bikes, so I am hoping that I could do that and not just do sales. I am very sore from the climbing yesterday and carrying plates, etc earlier sadly hurt. Now, I am in the middle of subbing and it is (again) fairly uneventful. Many of the students are wearing buttons in support of GLBT persons and today is the "Day of Silence," where some students are not speaking for the entire day. Sadly, it is the students who don't talk who you wish would talk and the students who are talking that you wish wouldn't, but that seems to be inevitable. I wish I had something exciting to write about. The laptop (or iBeloved or, if you are a LOTR fan, the iPrecious) being back is delightful, especially since I haven't gotten to update or play around with the iPod's playlists since February. The Apple store undercharged me and Gap was having a sale, so one transferred into another. I got very cute wide leg pants and a bright blue big bag. I think I am as antsy for this class to be done with are the kids are.

I am feeling especially anti-University right now. The graduate students are voting on Unionization this week and we have all been receiving the e-mails from the OHR department. My favorite was that the unionization process, since it was collective, would destroy the student's individual relationship with professors. I fell down laughing at this -- what individual relationship with the professors? If I wasn't going to vote before all of this, these e-mails certainly would have convinced me.

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