September 16, 2005

Fredrick Douglass

Through sheer determination, Fredrick Douglass became one of the most influential people in history to help abolish slavery. Fredrick Douglass worked hard to learn everything he could out of books and in life which in the end helped aid him in his quest /for freedom.

One of the most influential people in Fredrick Douglass’s education was his “
owners” mistress, who thought him at first how to read. Although his owner’s mistress turned on him after being reprimanded for teaching a slave to read, she was still one of the most significant people in Fredrick Douglas’s education. The other person who influenced his education was Douglas himself, he alone continued on with his education even when his owner’s mistress punished him after catching him reading. Fredrick Douglass never gave up on his education, even though his struggles he continued to work hard to achieve the highest education he could.

After learning how to read and write, Fredrick Douglass started becoming jealous of how ignorant the other slaves were, and how he wished that he could be like them and be an oblivious slave rather than know the injustice that was going on around him. I think that many people today would feel the same way about the terrible things that are going on around him. In Fredrick Douglass’s mind ignorance is bliss, if you don’t know the bad things going on around you than you can live happily with the way you are currently living.

Being and intelligent slave gave Fredrick Douglass the knowledge to flee and become one of the most influential people in the abolishment of slavery.

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