October 4, 2005

Compare Sherman Alexie and LaRhonda Johnson

Sherman Alexie and LaRhonda Johnson are both of a minority race. While Sherman has a thirst for knowledge, LaRhonda is more on the rebellious side when it comes to schooling. LaRhonda although it may not come out in the beginning of the story does have passions in life. Her passions have to do with her family and kids. LaRhonda wants to become a school teacher. When discovering what she wants to be, LaRhonda might be able to be more involved in her school. Sherman is almost on the surface a complete polar opposite of LaRhonda. Sherman loves to read and learn. Sherman however does have to go through obstacles just like LaRhonda. Sherman had to weigh out whether being smart was worth being ridiculed by his peers. Sherman and LaRhonda are both smart and go throughout challenges, but they deal with those challenges differently. Sherman continues to read more books, whereas LaRhonda gives up and finds respect a different way, her fists.

at October 4, 2005 3:00 PM