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January 2009 Revised LE Core

The Liberal Education Task Force has revised their proposal for the General Education component of the Liberal Education program at UMD. The following, newly named the Liberal Education Core, will be discussed over the next two months through the Educational Policy Committee. Campus constituents are encouraged to respond to the new proposal by blogging, by contacting their EPC representative, or by contacting members of the Task Force.


I. Language and Reasoning Skills (minimum 9+ credits)

a. Writing and Information Literacy
(minimum 6+ credits, including WRIT 1120, WRIT 3XXX [can be offered at 40 credits], and upper division writing-intensive courses identified by programs)

b. Speaking and Logic (minimum 3 credits)
• Oral Communication
• Languages
• Logic and Quantitative Reasoning

II. Knowledge Domains (minimum 21 credits)

a. Natural Science and Math (minimum 6 credits, 2 designators, 1 lab)
b. Social Sciences (minimum 6 credits, 2 designators)
c. Humanities (minimum 6 credits, 2 designators)
d. Fine Arts (minimum 3 credits)

III. Key Topics (minimum 9 credits)

a. Global Perspectives (minimum 3 credits)
b. Cultural Diversity in the US (minimum 3 credits)
c. The Natural Environment (minimum 3 credits)


1. Knowledge Domain courses may also satisfy one Key Topics requirement. Any General Education course may also satisfy a requirement in a students’ major or minor.

2. General Education courses may be offered at the 1000-, 2000-, 3000-, or 4000-level. Courses offered at the 3000 and 4000 level within the major satisfying the Key Topics requirement will not be required to serve a wide spectrum of students.

3. Departments can submit courses for more than one knowledge domain. A particular course can be submitted for only one Knowledge Domain.