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374469_3280280138805_1458909952_n.jpgHi, my name is JaLeesa Wright. I was born in raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am currently living the life I dreamed of when I was in 5th grade and had to write a letter predicting my future self. I currently live in Uptown even though I am not a hipster I do enjoy the art and coffee shops that surrounds the community. Although I am relatively new to the campus I have been attending college for the last three years of my nineteen years breathing on earth. I believe there is a lot to learn from some one based off of what they say then who they may present themselves to be.
One thing that I am consistently striving for is a better understanding of people not just society as a whole.So, far I have exercised my want for understanding by volunteering in several communities. Last summer I worked at a domestic abuse shelter called Tubman in Minneapolis. While I was there I was able to see various outcomes of situations that I myself had been through. I am also apart of STLF a volunteer group on campus and last spring I attended a trip to Dallas. The tour that I was apart of stopped in several cities helping people in need. We stopped in several places, but the most memorable place we went to was Paducah, Kentucky. We spent our time in Kentucky visiting elementary schools and reading to its students. The poorest school that we visited had the most students who were well behaved and could follow along and read with us. I was amazed. The picture of myself, Clifford and a young girl was taken at the at school. I was then able to witness and be apart of an equality that has been denied to many people around the world. Justice to me means the equality and a common respect of life.I plan on dedicating my life to encourage those who are living through my past to sustain a stable future.

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