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America's Great Gun Game

McDowell, E. E. (2007). America’s great gun game : gun ownership vs. Americans’ safety : an outline of the need for increased federal gun legislation. New York : iUniverse.

mcdowell_bk.jpgMore than 30,000 American deaths are caused each year by firearms, and more than 230,000,000 guns exist in the United States today. America's Great Gun Game: Gun Ownership vs. Americans' Safety presents two sides of the gun issue- the gun control advocates, the silent majority; and the gun rights supporters, the vocal minority. Author Earl E. McDowell urges the silent majority to become the vocal majority as he tackles the controversial topics of gun control and concealed carry laws.

Unlike other volumes on the gun issue, America's Great Gun Game challenges the National Rifle Association's interpretation of the Second Amendment by citing the opinions of Supreme Court justices, the president of the American Bar Association, state and federal legislators, and former U.S. presidents. McDowell traces attempted presidential assassinations and presents a detailed account of the gun movements from 1922 through 2000, assessing which side won the gun game for each movement. Gun Game is unique, as it also reports statistics on how guns affect women and children and which women's and children's organizations support gun control.

America's Great Gun Game presents McDowell's thoroughly researched argument in favor of stopping the proliferation of guns throughout the United States and the increasing need for federal gun control legislation.

Profits from the book will be contributed to women’s and children’s pro-gun control organizations.

Earl E. McDowell, Ph.D., is a professor of scientific and technical communication and was the director of graduate studies for the MS program in Scientific and Technical Communication from 1991 to 2005 at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of the awarding winning textbook: Interviewing Practices for Technical Writers, Baywood Press. His book Research Methods in Scientific and Technical Communication, Burgess Publishing, focuses on experimental and survey research. He also has published over 50 articles in communication journals.