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April 20, 2010

The Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media in the Food Industry

Dr. Gurak and graduate student Dawn Armfield are speaking at The Food Industry Center's upcoming symposium on April 28th. Since the event is a week from this Wednesday, we encourage people to register as soon as possible. UMN students can register for free by contacting Lisa Jore at 612.625.7019 or emailing ljore@umn.edu.

The Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media in the Food Industry
The Food Industry Center 2010 Spring Symposium

Will Social Networking come to dominate marketing strategy?
What motivates people's fascination with social networking?
How has social marketing been used to promote and change healthy behavior?

Please join us for a discussion of these questions and more on Wednesday, April 28th (8:00 am - 4:30 pm) in the Cowles Auditorium at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs on the University of Minnesota Campus.

Event information and the agenda are available in the attached flyer. Online registration is available at http://foodindustrycenter.umn.edu/Events.html.

We hope you can join us!

April 19, 2010

Prof. Berkenkotter selected for Imagine Fund award

Prof. Carol Berkenkotter has been selected by the Imagine Fund to receive a 2010-11 Annual Award of $4,000. The award will provide Berkenkotter with the opportunity to travel to London's Wellcome Library for the History of Medicine, where she will finish collecting psychiatric case histories from Ticehurst Insane Asylum (from 1899-1917.) Berkenkotter will also travel to Cambridge, to the Cambridge Library to visit the Charles Darwin archive. Darwin's correspondence with well-known Victorian alienist, James Crichton Browne is at this archive. The purpose for gathering this material is for writing a new book on Victorian psychiatry in the age of Darwin.