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Writing Studies at RSA

The Department of Writing Studies, along with the U of M's Department of Communication Studies, is pleased to be hosting and coordinating local arrangements for the Rhetoric Society of America's 14th Biennial Conference to be held in downtown Minneapolis, May 28-31, 2010. Organized in 1968, RSA has grown to become the preeminent rhetorical studies society in the United States. The society's broad mission is "to gather from all relevant fields of study, and to disseminate among its members, current knowledge of rhetoric, broadly construed; to identify new areas within the subject of rhetoric in which research is especially needed, and to stimulate such research; to encourage experimentation in the teaching of rhetoric; to facilitate professional cooperation among its members; to organize meetings at which members may exchange findings and ideas; and to sponsor the publication of such materials." The conference theme is "Rhetoric: Concord and Controversy," and invites participants to deliberate on a set of perennial questions: Does rhetoric civilize? Or does it repress and control? Or both? Does it express the self? Or dissolve it into a cultural miasma? What is the price of community gained through the language of social control? What is the limit of dissent expressed through the language of difference and personal liberation? Where do diversity and sameness meet on the human tongue and in the human condition?

Good luck to all the Writing Studies / Rhetoric faculty, graduate students, and alumni presenting at this year's RSA Conference!

Faculty Presenters:
Carol Berkenkotter, Patrick Bruch, Richard Graff, Laura Gurak , John Logie, Bernadette Longo, Mary Lay Schuster

RSTC Alumni Presenters:
Smiljana Antonijevic, David Beard, T. Kenny Fountain, Cristina Hanganu-Bresch, Erin Wais Hennen, Constance Kampf, Krista Kennedy, Joseph Little, Marianallet Mendez, Gretchen Perbix, Amy Propen, Andreea Ritivoi, Greg Schneider

Current and Incoming Graduate Student Presenters:
Paul Anheier, Dawn M. Armfield, Robert Baron, Joseph Bartolotta, Stephen Brasher, Timothy R. Dougherty, Ed Hahn, Elizabeth Kalbfleisch, Matthew Kaplan, Trent Kays, Aaron Little, Timothy Oleksiak, Tad Patterson, Jacqueline Schiappa, Kimberly Thomas-Pollei, Maggie VanNorman, Drew Virtue, Jeff Ward, Joshua Welsh, Mary Jo Wiatrak-Uhlenkott, Matthew Williams

Download a detailed, printable list of presentations by U of MN faculty, students and alumni.