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Upcoming Writing Studies' Parlors

Wed. April 6 / 11:00 / Nolte 140
Anne Wolf, "Improvisation as a critical cultural practice of resistance in composition pedagogy"
Ed Hahn, "Composition at the Crossroads of Hip-Hop and Whiteness"
Jacqueline Schiappa, "Understanding the Jonestown Tragedy through Others"

Thurs. April 28 / 12:00 / Nolte 125
Rick Duque, "Mapping Digital Brain Drain"
Professor Duque's research relates to an upcoming colloquium Professor Longo is planning for April 28-29.
Below is a preview of Professor Duque's presentation followed by a description of the colloquium. Please see the call for participation for more details.
Two graduate students from Vienna will also present their related research at the Parlor.

"Mapping Digital Brain Drain"
Are less developed nations with the most advanced Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures at a greater risk of losing
their best and brightest due to the more efficient networking capabilities
of new ICTs? During the global diffusion of new ICTs, there have been
accelerated migration patterns of the highly educated professionals from
the less developed world seeking opportunities in the advanced nations of
the world. Given the unanimous global consensus, and large donor
commitment, insisting that the 'Third World' join the Digital Information
Society, this suggests that brain drain is an even more vital risk to
account for in the digital age.

"Practicing Science, Technology and Rhetoric: The North-South Divide in an Emerging Global Order"
The colloquium will highlight work being done at the University of Minnesota exploring the interdependent and global nature of contemporary science and technology practices. Participants will explore how those who work within institutions of science and/or employ emerging technologies, like (but not limited to) new information and communication technologies (ICTS), frame political, economic, cultural, and environmental arguments about the impacts of their practices on "others". In particular, we will focus on how the diffusion of contemporary science and technology practices plays out in transnational projects that span the divide between countries in the global North and South.
No fee to register.
Thursday, April 28: Institute for Advanced Study Thursday at Four presentation in Nolte 125
Friday, April 29: Interdisciplinary Center for Global Change sponsored in Studio E Rarig Center