June 17, 2014

2014 Coakley Ames & Mikelonis Award Recipients

On behalf of the Undergraduate Committee in the Department of Writing Studies, I am pleased to announce the recipients of our 2014 undergraduate awards.

* Coakley Ames Writing Excellence Award ($1000): Mary C. Stokes and Alexa Keenan
* Victoria Mikelonis Memorial Award in S&TC ($200): Matewos Gebrehiwet

More information about these awards can be found on the Undergraduate Awards & Scholarships web page.

Congratulations to Mary, Alexa and Matewos!

May 20, 2014

Professor Mary Schuster receives Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Award

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Mary Schuster has been awarded the Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Award for 2013-2014.

The Motley Award "recognizes faculty of the college who are outstanding teachers of graduate and undergraduate students.

The Motley award acknowledges faculty who:
* inspire and care,
* make themselves approachable,
* show an interest in individual students' well-being and in programs for the benefit of students generally,
* give of themselves generously in advising, counseling, and directing projects, and
* create an active classroom atmosphere.
Such faculty provide a model to undergraduate and graduate students through their own research and teaching, and leave an impression by their efforts which alumni recall with appreciation and esteem."

Congratulations, Mary! And thank you to the students and former students, both graduate and undergraduate, who wrote letters for Mary's nomination.