Summer Workshop Leader/Counselor

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Job: Workshop Leader/ Counselor
Employer: Youth Organizations Umbrella

Call for Applications - Inspire Fellows Program (Summer 2012)

Youth Organizations Umbrella (Y.O.U.) is pleased to announce its Inspire Fellows Program for the summer of 2012. The fellowship offers graduate and upper-undergraduate students a full-time opportunity to learn best-practices in youth development and to prepare for a career in youth development, education, or the non-profit sector.

Inspire Fellows serve as workshop leaders and counselors for Y.O.U.'s 9-week summer program. Fellows are chosen to develop and facilitate specific workshops in one of three areas: arts and literature, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), or recreational activities. Additionally, all fellows help lead discussions and workshops on life skills topics.

Primary responsibilities of Inspire Fellows include:

· Develop and facilitate youth activities in your chosen area that promote academic, social, and emotional development.
· Supervise youth activities in a safe, sensitive, developmentally appropriate, positive manner.
· Maintain positive, supportive relationships with youth.
· Nurture supportive relationships with parents, school administrators, teachers, students, and community representatives.
· Develop and maintain good working relationships with supervisors, coworkers, and volunteers within Y.O.U., and with others in the community who offer information about, resources for, or services to young people in Evanston.
· Maintain timely and accurate records concerning youth participation and outcomes.
· Identify and recommend opportunities for continuous improvement in Y.O.U. programming.

The Fellowship experience offers a unique opportunity for growth for students thinking about a career in youth development, education, the arts, or non-profits. Fellows have close supervision of their work and are provided with both formal and informal feedback to help them grow. In this way, fellows develop their leadership skills, enhance their understanding of youth development, and build their non-profit management skills.

The Fellowship runs full time from June 11 through August 17. The first week offers Fellows a comprehensive orientation and training on Y.O.U., non-profit management, and positive youth development. The next nine weeks consist of high-impact summer programming.

The Fellowship offers a stipend of $1,000. (Y.O.U. is also glad to provide documentation to any students who receive support from their universities for summer employment with a non-profit organization).

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