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Circles of Writing

Well, it's not necessarily a straight line from here (writing a prospectus) to there (defending a dissertation). In fact, I've discovered that I can get pretty tightly flumoxed--trying to write my way out of circular writing that isn't going in the direction I want. And I've talked to several dissertators who have similar stories to tell. A couple of weeks ago I swallowed my pride and asked if I could make an appointment for a writing consultation in the Center for Writing; they welcomed me with enthusiasm.

Full disclosure: I work there as a consultant. It seemed to me that I should be able to help myself. Everyone assures me that isn't necessarily the case--that it's wonderful to talk to someone, have that person look at what you're doing, and then coach you to get yourself out of the muddle and moving in a useful direction again. It was a great experience. I'll be glad to get to the point of some other dissertators who are coming in for a weekly scheduled consultation and have done that for a year.

I'm not done with my dissertation yet (sorry to admit that...). But I'm beginning to think I might actually get it written. My friends keep asking if they could at least see a title page. um, no....