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First Annual Lego Drive

As many of you know teaching technical/professional writing (WRIT 3562W) means a project on instructions. In order to teach this skill students are often given Legos and asked to construct an object and then instructions for creating that object. In the past, teachers have gone to the toy store and invested in a personal supply of Legos or borrowed Legos from another instructor, but now there will be communal Legos! I am organizing the first ever LEGO DRIVE!

There will be a bin in 201 Wesbrook and in the Saint Paul office. Please donate any old or unused legos or other building-type toys (ex: tinker toys, blocks, duplo blocks, connects...etc). The toys will be weighed at the end of month with the hope that the department will "match" our collection in weight. This is a department-wide event so bug your advisers for their legos or P&A's you work with. The department-wide Lego Drive email will go out on Monday.