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Revising "Parlor"

We will continue the discussion on revising "Parlor" at the next meeting. In the mean time, please review the proposal below. If you have suggestions, please post them in the comments below or address them to Greg. At this time, what we really need to do is rename it. Any suggestions?

"Parlor" Proposal

As a central part of the community in the Rhetoric Department, the “Parlor� (to be renamed) will acquire new life in the Department of Writing Studies. After surveying and discussing options with numerous graduate students and faculty, we propose to move the “Parlor� from once-a-month meetings on Fridays to weekly meetings on Wednesdays.

Meetings will consist of shorter, less formal research presentations and group discussions on short assigned readings. A committee of faculty and graduate students will decide the schedule of speakers and readings. Both faculty and graduate students are encouraged to present drafts of conference presentations, thesis or dissertation research, publication drafts, book chapters, etc. Readings will be short (at most two articles), and a graduate student or faculty member will facilitate these discussions.

In order to keep the “Parlor� focused on research and discussion of interest to the broadest section of the department, these sessions should be focused on the research of faculty and graduate students.

The revision of the "Parlor" has four goals:

  1. To accommodate the schedules of as many faculty and graduate students as possible.
  2. To establish “Parlor� as a regular, consistent event.
  3. To create more opportunities for student/faculty interaction.
  4. To lower (slightly) the stakes of the presentation in order to encourage broader participation.

Accommodation Suggestions:

  1. Schedule no one to teach during these hours.
  2. Schedule P&A instructors to teach during these hours.
  3. Rotate the schedule: if you are scheduled to teach during these hours one semester, you will not be scheduled during them the next.


Quick note; more soon. Comm Studies does their Parlor equivalent at noon; scheduling Parlor at noon will keep Art & Alan from attending, if they desire to do so. Politically complex on both sides.