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Tell us where you are, eh?

If you maintain a blog or other webbish thing you’d like us to add to the “Stories of Us”section of the sidebar, just let Krista, Greg, or Marnie know. Or heck, you can just leave a comment on this post. We’ll be happy to link it up.


I have many sites on the Web...

Writing: http://www.tameri.com
This is a site my wife and I maintain. It ranges from style guides to discussions of plot construction. It is a "never completed" project.

Philosophy: http://www.existentialprimer.com/
I suppose the URL is pretty clear. This is a massive undertaking, trying to compile the biographies of various Continental thinkers. The mailing list is very, very active. Much of the conversation is about writing and rhetorical methods within philosophy.

Digital Writing: http://poetcsw.blogspot.com/
Random thoughts on "Digital Literacy" and its implications for teaching at all academic levels.

I have several other blogs and Web sites... but the above are closest to what we discuss and study. The others are more political / activist in nature.

Just one humble (and quite recent) Uthink blog:


Hey, at least I use UThink for something other than classes, right? :)