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the magic of RSS

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, will make your life much easier because it will help move all the various things you need to check for this class into one place. I use an aggregator called Bloglines to read 135 blogs each day -- a number I could never keep up with if I was clicking on them individually. You can use one to manage less links than that. Like, oh, say, for instance, keeping up with a certain grad group blog. You don't need to know code or even how this works in order to set it up. Seriously.

Here's a screenshot of what a typical RSS reader interface looks like while you're using it.

Here is a pretty good one-page intro to RSS. Here is a quick little tutorial.

Here is a link to Bloglines, which will aggregate anything with a feed, not just blogs.
Here is a link to Google Reader.
NetNewsWire, a premium reader, is now offering a free lite version.
If you use Safari or Firefox, they also have built-in aggregators. Checking the Help pages will, well, help you with that.