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Against Innovation for the Sake of Innovation


Technophiles are petitioning to keep Windows XP on new hardware past June. This reminds me of what happened when Windows '95 replaced 3.1. Everything became so much more opaque and the interface more roundabout (under the guise of "usability") that it left some feeling that Microsoft goes through new software like many auto-manufacturers go through new car models.

Whatever happened to the adage, "If ain't broke, don't fix it?" Or, in Microsoft's case, "If it ain't broke, don't expose it to umpteen security holes." Certainly, this little bit of economically-inspired technological determinism is nothing new... but one wonders if it will drive many more PC users to OSX.

It's just a shame that OSX is so bad for gaming....


I'm in the market for a new desktop and consequently my interest in the OS wars has risen. I've always held my nose and worked on windows (with the exception of my Red Hat days in physics) but I loathe--loathe--Vista. I've had several hours on other people's Vista machines and I just wanted to chuck the whole thing out the window. On the other hand, what am I doing most of the time on my computer? I'm not making videos of myself like the cool Mac guy on the commercials. No, I'm writing papers, doing research, working with spreadsheets, logging in to Chalk or WebCT... Suggestions? I could buy another XP machine before July...