March 27, 2008

Revising "Parlor"

We will continue the discussion on revising "Parlor" at the next meeting. In the mean time, please review the proposal below. If you have suggestions, please post them in the comments below or address them to Greg. At this time, what we really need to do is rename it. Any suggestions?

"Parlor" Proposal

As a central part of the community in the Rhetoric Department, the “Parlor� (to be renamed) will acquire new life in the Department of Writing Studies. After surveying and discussing options with numerous graduate students and faculty, we propose to move the “Parlor� from once-a-month meetings on Fridays to weekly meetings on Wednesdays.

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Graduate Assembly Proposal

Below is a draft of the proposal to create the Graduate Assembly. In the end, this will find it's way into the Department Constitution. If you have feedback on the way the Assembly will be structured or run, please contact Greg or post comments. We'll discuss this formally at the next Assembly meeting in April.

Graduate Assembly

The graduate students of Writing Studies propose the creation of a governing body of graduate students: The Graduate Student Assembly. The body's charge is to serve as a forum for graduate student concerns and procedures, which may include making and voting on proposals, planning events, as well as electing representatives to the Graduate committee, Department Assembly, Faculty meetings, Hiring committees, and other ad hoc departmental committees. The Graduate Representative, elected by the assembly to serve on the Graduate Committee for a one-year term, will chair meetings and request agenda items. Other administrative positions will be created as needed. Proposals from the Graduate Assembly will be brought to committees by elected representatives who are charged with informing the rest of the graduate students about policy changes. The Graduate Assembly will meet at least twice a semester.

Graduate Assembly Minutes

Graduate Student Assembly
March 26, 2008: 12:15-2:15
Location: Nicholson 135


Bernadette Longo and Greg Schneider welcomed the students and faculty in attendance and handed out the agenda.

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