October 22, 2009


Congratulations to Kim Thomas-Pollei, who has been elected to a two year term on the RSA Board.

Way to go, Kim!

September 3, 2009

Welcome back 2009

We had a great orientation day yesterday, including the Welcome party at the Alumni Center.

Between orientation and the party, a group of 15 of us were together and discussed establishing Parlor, groups, and other meetings for the new school year. A recap (and please add on, or let me know, if I've missed anything):

  • Contact Donald Ross (, the current DGS, if you'd like to be on one of the following committees:
    • small advisory group to discuss such issues as the DGS budget, significant changes in the curriculum and degree rules that might be proposed, and ways to improve professional development.
    • an environment committee to discuss how 201 Wesbrook is set up
    • the technology committee, chaired by John Logie.
    • a committee to create and plan Parlor events, and to encourage both students and faculty to support the series
  • The first parlor is tentatively schedule for September 16th to discuss RSA submissions.
  • We will be developing a wiki to have a current list of CFPs, conferences, reading and writing groups, etc.

Stay tuned!