May 14, 2008

McCain on Solar Subsidies

For anyone else tracking politics and its ties to our ensuing environmental crises, I thought this news item was particularly interesting.

On one hand, one of the commentators below the article is certainly right in that McCain chose not to do the politically expedient thing here. On the other hand, and more subtly, another commentator is (partially) correct in assuming that nuclear energy trends toward big business whereas solar trends towards smaller business and individual energy costs. Nonetheless, I'm convinced at this point that by even entering into the dialog and asking this person candidly, "What do you want me to do?", McCain shows that he would be an infinitely better Republican candidate with regard to the environment than just about anyone else out there. Whether that simply means he's the least of all evils, I'm not sure....

April 2, 2008

Writing Studies: A Definition by Charles Bazerman Courtesy of David Beard

Definition of Writing Studies

Bazerman defines "writing studies" as composed of three kinds of investigation:

  1. the "historical picture of writing practices, genres, systems of circulation, and related institutions and social systems,"
  2. a "theoretical" project "to re-vision rhetoric from the perspective of writing and placed within some of the major strains of twentieth century social theory and social science"
  3. a practical examination of "writers' socialization into communal activities, the forms of engagement, positioning, and goals within those communal endeavors, and their emergent identities, commitments, and accomplishments as literate social beings'"

Theoretical, historical, applied. Three strands of research, perhaps typical of any discipline, for "the study of writing--its production, its circulation, its uses, its role in the development of individuals and societies, and its learning by individuals, social collectives, and historical cultures."

via Professor David Beard.