January 24, 2005

Save KBEM (part 2)

Jazz 88 has found a strange friend, according to an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: media mega-conglomerate Clear Channel Communications has pledged $25K for KBEM's emergency fund drive, and will promote the fund drive on some of its Twin Cities radio stations (including a jazz station). The author of the article asks, "Would Wal-Mart help Target? Would mighty Starbucks come to the aid of Caribou Coffee?" That is not exactly an apt comparison; the correct analogy, I think, would be "Would Wal-Mart help Joe's Corner Store? Would mightly Starbucks come to the aid of Lil' Bros Coffee (two kids who sell coffee at the corner of Minnehaha Av. and 32nd St. in Minneapolis' Longfellow neighborhood)?" In any case, one does wonder: Clear Channel is clearly (sorry for the pun) trying to buy some good publicity, but what else do they want?!?

Posted by wrjacobs at January 24, 2005 10:10 AM