June 21, 2008

first digital story's "final cut"

On May 23 I posted an entry about my first experience with digital storytelling, in a class at the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS). The class did not include the production of a final version of a digital story; the last draft that students leave behind is cleaned up by the staff and a final cut mailed later, along with all of the source files. I received my stuff earlier in the week, and was a bit disappointed in the CDS "final cut." They made four changes: (1) inserted a promo at the end, (2) shaved 39 seconds off the length (from 4'49" to 4'10"), (3) sped up the final "It is what it is" text crawl, and (4) produced a smaller QuickTime movie (320x240 vs.720x480 of the draft). I don't mind change #1 at all, and changes 2 and 4 are OK (though slightly annoying), but #3 messes with an artistic decision, thus it ain't cool at all! Compare for yourself: Walt draft cut vs. CDS final cut. I'll have to take my source files &mdash which included a date change correction (May 18 -> May 17) that I made just before class ended but did not have time to render &mdash and create a true final cut....

Posted by wrjacobs at June 21, 2008 3:33 PM