November 30, 2004

Into the Red

Last week I was in the South (Georgia and South Carolina) for Thanksgiving weekend. A lot has been written about "Red" and "Blue" America. Here in Blue Minnesota's Twin Cities I don't see many American flags painted directly on cars (vs. the removable kind), but in Red Georgia (Atlanta) I saw several, and many of those flags were accompanied by "God Bless America" text, which I've never seen here. What up?

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November 23, 2004


In two days I'll join millions of my fellow Americans in eating turkey and watching football on Thanksgiving day. This was not always the case, though, as in the 90s I did something very different:

  • Turn down offers from friends to celebrate the holiday with them.

  • Spend the day alone, reflecting on stuff.

  • For dinner have a pot of spaghetti, sauce (always Prego), ground beef, and beef sausage.

  • Watch 3 movies, one of which was always When Harry Met Sally....

I did these things in each year from 1990-1999. In 2000 I started going to South Carolina to spend the holiday with my maternal relatives. Although I enjoy each Thanksgiving in Liberty, I miss my old ritual....

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November 18, 2004


I just found out that one of my fav new shows (ABC's life as we know it) will not be shown tonight in its regular time slot :( . TV Tome reports that it's not doing so well in the ratings, so it will be pre-empted during the entire November sweeps period. That's a shame, as I like this cross between Dawson's Creek and My So-Called Life (later I'll have to post something about my fascination with teen coming-of-age dramas).

The other new show that's on my TiVo list is also an ABC show, Lost. When an old favorite -- Alias -- returns to the air in January ABC will be my most watched network. That's quite a surprise as in the last few years the remote has mostly landed me on the "Mini Networks" UPN and The WB (again, the teen shows!) and cable stations like USA and Showtime (on which another always TiVoed show -- Dead Like Me -- recently concluded its second season). Seems like someone has blown some fresh air into ABC's New York headquarters. Hopefully the developing Monday Night Football scandal won't clog up the filter.

What's the MNF fuss? In a pre-game skit Desperate Housewives co-star Nicollette Sheridan, clad only in a towel, propositioned Philly Eagles bad boy wide out Terrell Owens. She asked T.O. to skip the game for her, dropped her towel, and jumped into his arms. Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman (two other stars from the show) were then shown watching the scene on TV and commenting about desperate women. Thousands of complaints have been lodged, and the FCC is investigating. Come on, ABC, this is America: a blonde White woman comes on to a dark-skinned Brotha and you don't expect a stink?!? On the other hand, maybe it's true that "no publicity is bad publicity"....

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November 17, 2004

Bring Yellow Arrow to MSP!

Yellowarrow. [noun] A Collective symbol for personal communication. [verb] To leave and discover messages pointing out what counts. is a movement active in several cities...but not Minneapolis/St. Paul! We've got to get it going here....

Here's an example of what one could post:

Advice to new arrivals looking for housing: This sunroom looks enticing at first glance, but make sure it has a heating source, otherwise only Frosty the Snowman will enjoy it when winter rolls in....


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November 11, 2004

What's a QA?

What is a "quirkyalone"? Click here to find out.

P.S. I appear in the book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics.

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November 9, 2004

Riding the Hi

Last week I took a couple of pictures of the art work at the 38th St. station of the Minneapolis Light Rail system (Hiawatha line):



All of the stations are supposed to reflect the character of the surrounding neighborhoods. 38th St. station is in my old 'hood, Longfellow, known for its Arts and Crafts style architecture. I think that this roof sculpture fits in with that theme!

Check out an article about LRT stations as places, featuring the 38th St. station.

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