October 31, 2005

Daylight Saving Time

I forgot to set my clock to "spring forward" Sunday at 2:00AM, ending daylight saving time for the year. I must have thought I was back in Indiana, which doesn't observe DST (but that will change next year).

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October 26, 2005

return to 1955

Lots of comment on the death of Rosa Parks is in the media, such as in the StarTribune newspaper and the "Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast" blog. Today I learned that the coach of the Air Force Academy's football team believes that the Falcons are having a losing season because they don't have enough Black athletes, who can "run very, very well". Damn, some folks are thinking about 1955 in some not so good ways....

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October 25, 2005

Tuesday night TV

From TV Gal:

"You know what's funny about Supernatural (Tuesday, WB, 9 p.m.)? Every special effect is perfectly eerie, yet when the brothers are driving in the car it looks totally fake. Let's work on that boys, because your show is too good to look cheap like that."

Right on!

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October 20, 2005

rethinking 13

Last Thursday (the 13th) my niece Alexis was born. My other niece Elaine was also born on a 13th (March 2004), as was my mother (December 1944). So maybe the 13th is not all bad, as my Triskaidekaphobia leads me to believe.

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October 19, 2005

fortune cookie affirmation

Today a colleague and I discussed the possibility of linking two of our courses to form a learning community on "Performing Popular Culture." While we generated interesting ideas, I was skeptical about whether or not I really wanted to develop a new teaching project...'till I went to lunch and got this fortune cookie message: "A good time to start something new." OK then. Unfortunately, the fortune did not also have "lucky numbers" I could use to win tonight's $340M Powerball jackpot....

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October 17, 2005

sculpture gardens

Here in Minneapolis we're in the middle of a string of near 70 degree days; a perfect way to enjoy them is to visit local sculpture gardens. In town is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and about 45 minutes away is the Franconia Sculpture Park. I visited Franconia yesterday; they've got great new additions, like "Lost," a chain-link fence maze. My favorite, though, is still "Like Father, Like Son," two stylized tanks rumbling off to find new adventures....

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October 13, 2005

iPod video

Apple is releasing new iPods that will have the capability to play video clips, including episodes of ABC shows downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes. That sounds good in theory, but can one really get Lost on a 2.5 inch screen!?!

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October 12, 2005

new StarTribune.com

In an effort to be "hip" and "fresh" (to attract coveted 18-34 year-old readers), today the Minneapolis StarTribune newspaper launched redesigned print and Internet editions. The website definitely looks more interesting visually, but I'm gonna miss the old format, which was much easier to scan....

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October 10, 2005

action on Arthur Ave.

Saturday nights are usually pretty quiet in Minneapolis' Prospect Park neighborhood. Two nights ago at 11:00PM, though, Arthur Ave. erupted into a blaze of lights and sirens as 8 police cars roared in to surround a car that was abandonded in the middle of the street, with all 4 doors open. I can't yet locate any info about it, but my guess is that 1 po-po was chasing a stolen car, and then s/he called in backup when the perps ditched it next to a walking path shortcut over to the next street. Hopefully this week's neighborhood email list-serv will have some more 411 on what went down....

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October 7, 2005

Entry 100

I can't believe that this is my 100th blog posting. I did the first one in November 2004 as a demo for an assignment I gave to my "Stories and Storytellers" class. I didn't think I'd keep going, but blogging can be addictive....

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October 5, 2005

fall Sci-FI TV

This week's poll on SciFI Wire is about 6 new sci-fi TV shows (Surface, Threshold, Invasion, Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, and Night Stalker). I've seen 5 of the 6 listed, and the 6th is on my TiVO waiting to be viewed. My choice for the best of the bunch so far -- the WB's Supernatural -- is in second place, just behind CBS' Threshold. I'll watch Night Stalker soon, but it will probably be disappointing, 'cause I loved the original....

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