February 23, 2006

trademarkin' the N word

Actor Damon Wayans wants to trademark the N word for use on a new line of clothing. Say what?!

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February 21, 2006

students smoking pipes

During the drive to work today I saw a male undergrad student light up a pipe. Now while there were not any others around at that moment, this dude has got to be smoking a pipe in an effort to impress people, right?! That is, unless he's the reincarnation of an 80 year-old man....

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February 17, 2006

Twin Cities Trader Joe's

For fans of the grocery store chain Trader Joe's, it appears that at least one store will be opening in St. Louis Park, and a second might be coming to St. Paul. It's about time!

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February 14, 2006

International Quirkyalone Day

Happy International Quirkyalone Day!

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February 13, 2006

best and worst 2005 movies

For some reason, this weekend I was compelled to think about my best and worst 2005 movies. Here's what I came up with: best = Crash and worst = She Hate Me. I know, She Hate Me came out in 2004, but I didn't see it till last year. Something told me that it would be a stinker so I put off the screening for a year. I should have delayed forever....

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February 10, 2006

Target sales associate (dis)appearances

Why is it that whenever one goes to Target s/he is surrounded by sales associates when shopping for stuff like toothpaste and TP -- items of which you know the exact location! -- but when help is actually needed the only red shirts around are on other customers? That happened to me today when I was trying to get a price on an unmarked nightstand. After wandering around looking for someone for 5 minutes, I went back and picked up the nightstand to take it to one of the price check scanners. What happened when I was halfway there? You guessed it, a Red Shirt appeared, but I finished the check myself...and eventually bought the thing. I should've asked for a discount at checkout....

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February 8, 2006


Wired magazine reports on a new academic area of study: "mociology" is "the study of how people adapt and use wireless technologies, from buying concert tickets to organizing political rallies. The field gets its name from mobile and sociology." Hhhmmm, this has intriguing possibilities....

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February 6, 2006

Super Bowl commercials

According to the USA Today Ad Meter, Bud Light won the 2006 "Ad Bowl" with its "Magic Fridge" spot. That was a good one, but the Ad Meter's #3 spot was my favorite: the FedEx "Cave Man" commercial. My bottom-rated commercial -- supermarket checkout person extolling the virtues of Miller Genuine Draft -- does not even appear on the Ad Meter chart, so I guess it was total stinker. Overall, also, this year's Ad Bowl spots were not that interesting; let's hope that Ad Bowl 2007 is more memorable....

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February 2, 2006

Bud Light Daredevil commercials

Bud Light has a new series of commercials featuring "Ted Ferguson, the Bud Light Daredevil". Stunts like staying late for work on a Friday (for a full 2 minutes past 5:00!) and listening to an entire John Tesh CD are hilarious, but he may have crossed the line with one I saw last night: "I will actually listen to my girlfriend!" Check it out ("Listening," episode #2) along with the others here.

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