July 23, 2007


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amazon sales rank

One bad thing about Ghostbox being listed on amazon is that I've been constantly checking its sales ranking. The highest so far: 14230. Will I be able to crack the top 10000!?!

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memoir at Amazon

My memoir Ghostbox is now available via amazon.com. Check it out!

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July 12, 2007

top 10 movies (revised)

Speaking of movies, I should revise my list of Top 10 movies, replacing The Matrix with Pan's Labyrinth. The original list and discussion is here. Below is the revised list:

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Harry Potter 5

Yesterday a streak was broken: I was not able to attend an early morning screening of a Harry Potter movie, because I had almost non-stop meetings during the day! So I had to settle for a 10:00PM Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Actually, I went to a 10:45PM show because the 10:00 offering was sold out! Oh well, at least I made it in before the end of the day....

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July 8, 2007

Good Reads

Want to social network about good books? Check out goodreads.com. Be warned, though: you can spend hours cataloguing your books!

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July 6, 2007

fun with Photoshop

wrj_pc.jpg wrj_pe.jpg

Which image should I use as a fun web site picture?

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July 5, 2007

Stern Grove

Earlier in the week I was in San Francisco, and discovered a cool natural oasis in the midst of the dense built environment: Stern Grove. I visited it on Monday, one day after the weekly Sunday concert in the Stern Grove Festival. I'm tempted to fly back out later this month to catch one of the concerts! If only I had a private jet....

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