August 31, 2007

AA&AS website

Check out the newly redesigned African American and African Studies department website.

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August 24, 2007

a cross-cultural moment

Today I helped a new student from Japan find the U's Blegen Hall campus bus stop. In thanks, she saluted me! Um, OK. One doesn't get that on your average day....

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August 21, 2007

summer movies

Only two weeks to go until the end of summer (Labor Day), and I've only seen a handful of movies. Actually, only three come to mind...but I saw each one more than once: Knocked Up twice, Harry Potter 5 twice, and Transformers three times (!). I've got to get out more....

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August 18, 2007



Artist Morgan Williams created this sketch using a photo as a guide. Didn't he do an outstanding job?!

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August 16, 2007

new blog

Check out my new blog.

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August 11, 2007


I'm now up to #34 on the list of UThink blogs with the most entries. This is probably as high as I'll go, as soon I'll switch most of my blogging efforts to a new blog on the Afro-Am website.

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a nightmare

Last night I dreamed that my computer and TV were on a lightly-screened front porch and got drenched by a sudden summer rain storm. I became irate and started screaming and throwing stuff all over the place. V laughed, which made me angrier. Was this a nightmare or what?!

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August 10, 2007

Ghostbox definition 2

I just learned that the title word of my memoir has multiple definitions. A ghostbox can also be an abandoned big-box store. Interesting.

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August 8, 2007

books in weird places

My memoir is starting to show up in unexpected places, like eBook Eros. Huh? I guess it went there because I include a bell hooks quote on eros and eroticism, but that's only one sentence out of 166 pages; nothing else is really relevant. Weird.

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August 3, 2007


I just finished a creative writing class in the university's Split Rock Arts program. One assignment was on 50-word Microfiction. Each poem below in my "Jimmy's Corner Store" series is exactly 50 words long (including the title).

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Jimmy’s corner store. Aisles narrow as a snake hole.
But crammed with such delights! Now or Laters, Snickers, Funions aisle 1. M&Ms, Kisses, Crunch aisle 2. Coke in the cooler.
Why candy in two places, Jimmy never said. But it was all good, though.
Man, to be 7 again!

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Jimmy’s corner store. Aisles narrow as a snake hole.
“Yo, you stepped on my sneakers, man!? Gold tooth flashing. Other teeth locked.
“So, what you gone do!? Feeling froggy? Jump, fool!? A hand darts to baggy Silver Tabs.
“My bad, yo. Wasn’t you.?
Both walk out to cool air.

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Jimmy’s corner store. Aisles narrow as a snake hole.
That twists and twists and twists. How was I ever able to squeeze up in here?
“Hey Jimmy, y’all remodel? I can’t turn around!?
“Na’ll, you just got growed. Got yo’self a spare tire too. Heh Heh.?
Everyone has jokes.

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Jimmy’s corner store. Aisles narrow as a snake hole.
But another hole appeared, and swallowed the store whole. Now just a field of dirt, debris, disgust.
“Where’d Jimmy go?? I asked an old man.
“Jimmy B? Gone. Dead and buried. Store followed close behind.?
Damn, yet another institution dusted.

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Jimmy’s corner store. Aisles narrow as a snake hole.
New store, but same old style. Jimmy Junior did it up correct, yo! Right down to treats in two rows.
“JJ, why candy in two places??
“That’s how it was. That’s the way it will be.?
Damn skippy it be.

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August 2, 2007

bridge collapse

As you no doubt know, yesterday the I-35W bridge collapsed over the Mississippi River here in Minneapolis. Today I viewed the wreckage from a pedestrian bridge that crosses the highway not far from the river. The empty highway was eerily silent, and a lone white car clinging to the southern side was...I can't even describe it. See the second photo (labled "From University Avenue") on Lost Forest After Dark.

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