December 28, 2007

graphic design as social commentary

Zimbabwean graphic designer Chaz Maviyane-Davies uses "creative defiance" to "cut through complacency and apathy while trying to raise consciousness about an array of social issues from discrimination and human rights, to health and the environment." His work is very powerful.

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December 21, 2007

cancelled TV shows

Earlier in the week the last episode of my favorite new show of the season (Journeyman) aired. Yesterday I learned that two older shows I watch -- The Dead Zone and The 4400 -- were also cancelled. Rough week.

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first movie of the semester

Yesterday I went to the movies for the first time all semester (!). True, I still watch a bunch of movies via netflix, but wow, I can't believe that I had to wait until the last day of the semester to see a movie in the theaters (I saw The Golden Compass). Chairin' ain't easy....

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December 16, 2007

car wash change

Ever since I arrived in MN (1999) I've been using the touchless automatic car wash at Bobby and Steve's Auto World during the winters. Today I made my first visit of the 07-08 winter, and discovered that the touchless system was removed! While the pads on the new system looked soft, they made a lot of noise on contact. The car came out cleaner than usual, but there was at least one new scratch I hadn't seen before, so I might have to find a new place to take the car....

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December 13, 2007

spring TV shows

In February NBC will air a pilot for a remake of Knight Rider, featuring a bomb-ass Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR as KITT. I hope this pilot is better than NBC's fall 2007 re-visioning of Bionic Woman, which was very disappointing.

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December 12, 2007

fall TV shows

Looks like one of my new TV shows, Journeyman, will not be renewed following the conclusion of the writers' strike. Damn!!

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December 8, 2007

iTunes disappointment

Earlier in the week I heard a great song on the radio: Charlie Haden's "The Left Hand of God." I went to iTunes to buy it, but was greeted with the note that it was an "album only" song, one that you can get only if you buy the whole album (!). I'll probably go 'head and get the whole thing -- Now is the Hour -- because it contains other cool songs, but I thought that MP3 download sites were created to let you get exactly and only what you wanted?!?

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December 2, 2007

one cold hand

Pittsburgh has a web site about lost gloves, one cold hand. We need something like that in the Twin Cities....

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snow assistance

While doing round three of show shovelling this morning I noticed that a young woman walked up to my neighbor's house, shovelled his sidewalk and driveway, and then walked away. As my neighbor is over 70, I assumed he asked her to do it for him. When he came out later he was surprised that his walk and drive were cleared, and he could not determine who did the good deed, even after a couple of phone calls. I guess that he has a secret admirer!

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December 1, 2007

first snow

The first snow storm of the season blew into the Twin Cities today. I just finished the second round of my favorite winter activity: shovelling snow. The snow was still coming down when I knocked off at 9:15 PM, so I'll be out again tomorrow morning....

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