October 22, 2009

Sunday newspaper magazines

For years the Sunday edition of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune newspaper included the USA Weekend magazine insert. Recently they also started inserting the Parade Sunday magazine. I can see them replacing one supplement with another, but using both? Weird.

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October 20, 2009

out of copies?

One of my favorite periodicals is American Legacy Magazine. Today I called subscription customer service to see why my Summer 2009 issue never showed up. The answer: the publisher did not print enough copies so they extended subscriptions by one issue for those who did not receive the summer edition. Really? I guess this is good in that they have a ton of new subscribers and took care of them first, so I won't suffer a repeat of a happening with another favorite magazine: Story went out of business back in 2000, right after I sent in a check for a 3-year subscription renewal. I never did get that money back...

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October 17, 2009

impossible rewards

So the other day I received mail about my rewards credit card: "earn up to 4500 Points!" The first two items (for a total of 500 points) were easy: take a 5-question quiz, and test drive the rewards search engine. The third item, though, is crazy: spend $8000 in November and December and get 4000 points (!). There's no way that's gonna happen, but maybe I'll get some prorated points....

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October 2, 2009

a new era begins

For the first time since I finished graduate school in June 1999 I do not own a car. When the lease on the latest car expired on Wednesday we decided to experiment with riding the bus for the daily commute to work, and use a zipcar for weekend errands. The first two days brought colder weather and rain. Of course, one can handle this for a few days; hopefully I won't rush out to get a new car after a month or so....

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