November 30, 2009

LEGO recreation of the bullet time fight scene in The Matrix

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November 27, 2009

football rivalry games

Today Alabama defated Auburn in the 2009 Iron Bowl. I wish that I had attended a school with a rivalry game with a great name like that, or something like The Civil War or The Big Game or the Backyard Brawl. Oh wait, according to wikipedia, I did: Georgia Tech and Georgia play a Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate game every year. I don't ever remember that description used in my four years at GT. A google search turned up several current stories that use the term, though. Hhhmmm.

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November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving (non)travel

Normally on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I'd be headed down south to visit friends and family in the ATL and South Carolina. This year is different, though, as (a) I had an out-of-town work assignment Monday-Wednesday, and (b) will have to go to the office on Friday. Chairin' Ain't Easy....

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November 13, 2009

bus adventures

All sorts of interesting things happen on the Metro Transit #16 bus. In a previous post I noted that a guy was trying to get signatures on a petition. Earlier in this week three young boys got on and tried to sell candy before being kicked off by the driver after a few stops. Today two guys were loudly debating the pros and cons of Free Will. What else would I experience if my ride were longer than 8 stops?

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November 4, 2009

first month without a car

So it's been a month since I turned in my car at the end of its lease and decided not to get a new one. Riding the bus every day has been OK, especially since zipcars are easy to get when necessary. Also, one can observe a wide range of folks on the bus, as illustrated by the previous entry....

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petitions on the bus

The other day a young White guy was asking riders of Metro Transit's #16 bus to sign a petition. I did not know what it was about until I was exiting; he was collecting signatures to try to save the TV Show Dollhouse. Dude: approaching peeps on an inner city bus about a cult science fiction TV show is not the best idea in the world, but I have to give you credit for your passion!

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