May 26, 2010

iPad post #6

On a flight to San Francisco last week I used the iPad's iBooks app extensively for the first time, as I read most of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe before we landed (and then finished it later that night). Although an enjoyable experience, I have to say that I'd still prefer an old fashioned paperback. So, I might load a few more books in case I get stuck somewhere with lots of time on my hands, but I will go back to using the iPad mostly for movies on flights.

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May 5, 2010

Lynx tickets

Last year I went to a couple of Minnesota Lynx games, inluding one where I sat courtside (that was coolio!). I agreed to buy a package deal for 10 tickets for this season after the ticket office promised that 2 of the tickets could be courtside. A few weeks ago they emailed me about selecting seats, and I responded with selections for the first 6 seats (3 games at 2 tix each), and said I'd get back to them about the last 4 seats. I requested that the courtside seats be in one of the initially selected 3 games, and then sent in selections for the last 4 seats two weeks letter. Yesterday all 10 tickets showed up, but the courtside seats were not in the first 3 games, as requested; they were for the game that will most likely have the lowest attendance (a noon game on a weekday vs. a team that does not have a following given former U of Minnesota women's bball players on the roster). I understand the business logic of this (give away seats that would probably be empty anyway vs. choosing a game for which they could sell seats at full price) and appreciate the fulfillment of the promise, but am a bit irked that they did not follow my instructions.

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