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U of M photo library

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As discussed in class on January 28, the U maintains a photo library that contains pictures from around Twin Cities campuses. The "Buildings," "Campus Details," "Campus Scenes," and "Campus Symbols" categories may be useful for images to include in the first digital story, "My Place at the U." If you are logged in (with your X.500 password) it appears that you can download images.

My Top 10 Things I Enjoy/Love

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  1. Listening to RadioLabdiriye.jpg
  2. Web Designing
  3. Watching Hawaii Five-0
  4. Reading the Economist
  5. Playing Tennis
  6. Neutralizing in Swat 4
  7. Facebooking
  8. Apple Products
  9. Calaacal.net (A Somali FML Site I Created)
  10. Reddit.com

My Top 10 Things

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1. Traveling
2. Hang with Family 
3. Reading 
4. Writing 
5. All things Somali 
6. Bob Marley 
7. the Sun :) 
8. Moms food 
9. Listening to Public Radio (This American life, The Story with Dick Gordon)
10. Coffee with Soy 

Ten things I like about history

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1. History is about storytelling
2. I learn a lot about myself through the study of history. Stories about the past are how we orient ourselves in the present and how we map our future.
3. History helps me to better understand the people, cultures and places in the world.
4. History connects me to individuals and communities.
5. History can be a shared experience.
6. History is also an opportunity to learn something new.
7. Historical maps are fascinating to study.
8. History reveals so much about human nature-- the good, bad and ugly.... but also the caring, generous and inspirational.
9. Individual, personal stories about historical events and experiences are always more exciting to me than dates and meta-narratives.
10. I like the challenge of finding artifacts for historical exhibits... which has often led me through the intriguing world of Ebay!

Top Ten Things

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Hi, this is Ibrahim, and here my top ten things:

1) I love writing
2) I lived in Somali, Kenya and U.S.
3) I have no idea where I'm going to live after I graduation in May.
4) I love watching movies.
5) I don't like talking on phone--I prefer texting or e-mailing than talking.
6) Denzel Washington is my favorite actor, and John Q is my favorite movie--I watched it 10 times, and I want to watch it more. I'm serious.
7) I'm the seventh-born of my family.
8) I hate any kind of exam.
9) I love reading about Africa.
10) I say simple.

ten things...le dieci cose

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Well I'm Briahna Miner and here are my top 10 things.
1. Coffee is my favorite drink in the morning.
2. I'm in love with someone very far away.
3. I'm trying to quite smoking.
4. My favorite place to go was called 'Bella Vista Social Pub' but it was recently closed down.
5. I have lots of dreams and I don't know how to go about reaching them.
6. I have a love/ hate relationship with school in America.
7. I'm Socialist.
8. My favorite color is green, then dark red. They're together.
9. I have 2 little brothers.
10. I've never been to Africa, even though the person I like most is from there.

digital story examples

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Top Ten

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1. I like funny things.

2. I'm a big fan of cooking, I do it whenever I can find the time.

3. I'm an acting major.

4. I read a lot, mostly candy for my brain: it's relaxing.

5. I think cuttlefish are the most interesting animals on the planet.

6. I really, really like telling jokes.

7. I have my industrial pierced.

8. I like to paint.

9. I have a love affair with John Donne.

10. I like hanging out with children, they're good people.

11. Also, this is a picture of my face:

 cross eyed.jpg

Top 10 Filmmakers (in no particular order)

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I love movies. Here are some of my favorite directors. 

1. Joel and Ethan Coen

2. Francis Ford Coppola

3. Martin Scorcese 

4. Milos Forman

5. Sergio Leone

6. Francois Truffaut 

7. Christopher Guest

8. Akira Kurosawa

9. Danny Boyle

10.Terry Gilliam 

I also love steak. Being a university student, I miss it terribly. 

Top Ten Things.

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Hi people: I'm Nasser, top ten things about me:
1 I love Moroccan mints especially in the morning
2 I love following politics
3 I love poetry
4 I love climbing rock and mountain
5 speak 4 languages
6 I have two very specific plans for grad school : plan 1 go to law school get JD in immigration law, plan 2 get PhD in African Diaspora and teach as a professor or become an expert researcher on the migration of African people within the African continent and outside of the continent.
7 I love watching documentaries
8 My favorite documentaries: The wonders of African world by Prof Henry Luis Gates. Guns Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond,
9 I love sociology
10 I love writing and reading political satire

Some Things About Me

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I"m Amy.


I like kombucha - I want to brew it myself but haven't tried it yet
Roller derby is my hobby
My favorite beer is Surly Furious (but I will drink PBR at bouts)
I don't own a car
I love to bike
I have a 12 year old daughter
My two-year-old nephew just had a bone marrow transplant
My cat's name is Stinky
I studied to be an addiction counselor
I have a degree in Women's Studies
I just cut off my dreadlocks
I work in the FMC (I am not super technosmart but I will do my very best to help you with whatever you need. My only request is please, for the love of all that is holy, know what a computer is before you come in to talk to me. I am not going to teach you how to use the computer - sorry)

3518892063_0122bf9d70_o.jpgUrban Sophistication.jpg

Ten Things

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Hey, I'm John.


Okay, here are ten things.

Nat King Cole - "Orange Colored Sky"
Dead Boys - "All This and More"
Randy Travis - "Forever and Ever Amen"

Steinbeck - "East of Eden"
Salinger - "Franny and Zooey"

GREETINGS, my name is Alex.  I'm an aspiring musician.  I write and perform under the name William Within, which is dedicated to a grandfather of mine who I never got the pleasure of meeting.  Below is some of my album artwork


Picking ten favorite things is a difficult task, but here goes nothing:

1. Playing instruments and making sound (a quiet moment is a dull moment)

2. Making film(s)

3. Photography

"Trent" by Alexander Simpson

4. Writing

5. Camping

6. Vinyl records

7. Antiques/old electronics

8. Bathtubs

9. Singing

10. Dreaming big

There it is!


Ten Things

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1. I have a three year old daughter Rowan fran weddingbacholrette 048.JPG 

Simply being around her melts my stress away. Being taught to see the world from a toddler's perspective has brought me so much laughter, and insight.

2. I am crazy passionate about politics, and may or may not have cried at this person's inaguration. And by may or may not have, I mean I did. I definately did. It was a powerful moment in history.

3. I love New Orleans , if I won the lottery the first thing I would do (for me that is, after all my global philanthropy and aid to my family and friends) would be to buy one those old antebellum mansions on Charles Street and spend my time sipping iced tea and mint juleps on a porch growing spanish moss.

4. I am deathly afraid of whales. Even when they are hinted at in movies, like the scene in Cast Away, it makes me uneasy to the point of inexplicable tears.

5. My favorite movie will forever be Braveheart.

6. I went to the Lady Gaga concert this summer. Thats a big deal. Especially in my world.

7. If I am driving in the rain, I HAVE to turn on classical music.

8. Facebook is my home page.

9. I would love to own horses someday.

10. I have a scar on my eyelid from a dorito. Sixth grade food fight. A friend shoved a handful of doritos in my face forcefully and the corner of one cut me. Blood and everything.


(11. By the way, my name is Kelly)

a little about me...

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I've been tattooed 7 times total, 5 of them here at this place

While I agree that they are addicting, each of my tattoos mean something and fit into an ultimate scheme. You can ask what they're about, and I'll ask if you which answer you want: long or short!

scrubbed out.jpg

I love sweatpants. 

My ultimate goal is to have my own makeup line. If class didn't start at 9, I'd be wearing some.

The last thing my parents will ever force me to do is get a 4 year degree, so I'm trying to make the best of it.

I'm going to Morocco this summer, first time out of the country!

My skin burns in MN winter, so I'll be swimming in zinc oxide while we're there.

My grandpa was a French teacher, and while I don't want to teach it I want to be fluent.

Until I turned 20, I refused to cut my hair as short as my shoulders because of a tragic self-haircut when I was 5. 

I work at the MN Renaissance Festival. Summing up what I do? I'm a carnie. But we call it "rennie" or "festie."random pic.jpg

My company at fest (what we call it) is like a close-knit, dysfunctional family. I love every second of it. 

I'm often found with a Diet Coke or some coffee beverage in my hand. 

I went to the Perpich Center for Arts Education for high school, studying theatre. I loved it, but I never want to do it for a living. Then I decided to get a Chemistry degree because I love science. Turns out, I hate calculus! 

I believe in Karma. 

Top Ten Things

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I love the beach. The salty water is amazing....Lakes suck. Hence, MN SUCKS. lol

I am from Lebanon.

I speak Arabic, English, French fluently.

I love the circus. I'm taking a circus class this semester, and I hope to master a couple of tricks.

My favorite band is Coldplay. I can listen to them all day. Lady Gaga is awesome too.

I love taking long naps.


I was obsessed with LOST! . don't mess. By the way, I can only watch movies alone, I can't stand it when people talk during a movie, or if I can hear the popcorn in their mouths...*chew* *chew* I will watch a movie with you in complete silence....But if I've seen the movie before, or if it sucks, then we can talk and laugh....

I believe that travelling is the best education out there...But you gotta do it the right way.

I like being silly and making you laugh. My family thinks I'm weird. It's ok.

I'm a Theatre Arts BA major, graduating in fall 2011 yay! My focus is set design... I can juggle.  I'm getting better at it, just practice!

I am only 19. Yes, I did PSEO for 2 years. Basically, I went to the U when I was 16. I took college courses while still enrolled in high school....

I'm a leooooooo.

I've been working at Caribou Coffee for 2 1/2 years now....I can make a delicious dark choc mocha for you if you like. I also work in the costume shop at the U.

I really want to skiiiiiiiiiii this winter, but I have a feeling I won't have time.

This is how I feel right now. b.jpg Haha Just joking.......

TOP TEN Things about Me

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The ten things that make me who I am....

1. MUSIC - especially Coldplay, the Goo Goo Dolls, OneRepublic, and the like...
2. POETRY - W.H. Auden, Langston Hughes, and Emily Dickinson
3. RAIN - totally takes any stress or worry away
4. DANCE - whether it's ballet or the Thriller Dance, it always cheers me up:)
5. COLOR GUARD - best people ever, enough said
6. SHOES - as long as they're my size, I'll wear 'em anywhere
7. MOVIES - it's fun to escape for a few hours into someone else's life
8. NEW SHEETS - nothing like climbing into what feels like a brand new bed
9. AIRPLANES - taking off is the best feeling in the world, I don't know why
10. FRIENDS AND FAMILY - the most important part of my life, these people are the reason I get up in the morning:)

Walt's top 10 movies

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course syllabus

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Here is a copy of the course syllabus.

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