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A Digital Story by Alexander Simpson. Enjoy.

My Place at the U -Simon Benarroch


My Place at the U

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This is "Walking Inspiration: My Place at the U" by Andy Wilhide

Wilson Library

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My Chair


This right here is my chair (take two). Enjoy!!

Uploading digital stories to the blog

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Syressa posted a Word document to the blog with the final procedures for uploading your digital stories to the blog. Here is a pdf version of that file.

Me and my Best Friend

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This video was created for the My U Place on Campus project! Hope you enjoy!

My Haven - Mohamed Dirie

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This is My Place @ the U Video,
My place being the SSA office in St.Paul Student Center.

My Place at the University of Minnesota

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My name is Ibrahim Hirsi, a senior Journalism student a the University of Minnesota. Welcome to my Digital Storytelling Project: My Place at the U. For this project, I chose a small study-room in Wilson Library as the only place on camps that I can call "my place." Thanks for watching!

Aeysha's My U Project

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This is a lyrical epic of my quest for a comfortable place on our campus.

My Place at the UofM - ZK

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A short motion picture about my 4 years at the University of Minnesota

Zeina Khalife

John Sand :: My Place at the U :: The Cathouse

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I'm John Sand, a 5th year at the University of Minnesota studying Genetics, Cultural Studies and GLBT Studies. This is my video for the My Place at the U project. My place at the U has been missing since 2009, when my friends moved out of the house that cemented us together.

Those Finishing Touches...

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Hey Digital Storytelling Students!!

Once you're finished, use these final steps to upload your Digital Stories to the blog!!


My U Story-SSA

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My first digital story! I enjoyed doing this assignment, it was very fun.

Peace and Positivity!

Charles Peterson in a nutshell

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I was born in Gary, IN and raised in Madison, WI.
I'm a newlywed (5/15/10).
I am double-majoring in Sociology and African American Studies.
I love sports, especially Football and Track.
I am a huge Packers fan and have been shunned by my family because of it (they are all Bears fans).
I used to throw Shot Put and Hammer for the U of MN.
I love food, if you couldn't already tell.

shanon's top 10

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1. hanging with family
2. hanging with friends
3. watching movies
4. listening to my music
5. reading mystery or fantasy books
6. meeting new people
7. sleep!
8. having dessert!
9. skiing up in Duluth or in Colorado
10. traveling to awesome places!

Camera Reserve

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Hello Digital Storytelling students!!

As promised, here is the link to the camera reserve at Walter library. There are also cameras at Wilson, but Walter usually has a full supply.

Also, the Minnesota Historical Society has another archive of photos of the University.


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