Identity Crisis


The story of one man trapped in many identities and endless searching for true identity. One man with many faces and identities.


I love your video! Its so powerful. I could feel the emotion just flowing out of you. I really appreciate you being so open about your identity crisis. I too am an immigrant and even though I'm not black or a Muslim I can still relate. I came here from South Africa so i do consider myself African American and people think that's weird because I'm not black, but its like you said " I am who i am, leave me a lone, or love me as i am." That is a great quote. The part about Obama repeatedly saying he is not a Muslim was just a powerful part in its own. Talking about how your color is not a crime or how your religion is not a crime, ect is such a true statement and yet people in America do judge you just based on those things alone.
I also like the background music because it played well into what you were saying. The pictures were great as well. Its nice to see personal pictures being used, the timing of each picture was good as well.
thanks for sharing! Great job!

Great Job! I think your story is wonderful and so true. Many people do not want to talk about race or racism in the United States, but you did. Also, you did it with such passion and "realness" :)..I am also, a black, muslim, man!

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