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I love this video. Its so emotional and i thank you for putting your feelings out there for us to see. I don't really know what its like to be a mother, but i am someones daughter and I know that your daughter loves you no matter how much money you guys have. I can also see how you can resent her, but love her so much. This is a very powerful story and i definitely enjoyed it. The pictures were very special and when i was hearing about you and your daughter walking on the paths I could just picture it in my mind. Maybe it was because of the pictures, but even without the pictures i could see it in my mind.
The music was great and went with your story very well. Although, i do think you could have spoken up a bit because at some points the music was a little loud especially when the video is at about 52 seconds. Otherwise it was done beautifully.

Truely a brilliantly done sociological ghost story. felt your emotions through the whole video. Thank you for sharing.

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