Your stories have consistently been some of the bravest and most honest explorations of inner conflict I've ever seen. All of your videos are truly fantastic.

I agree with Simon, Amy you should be proud of how beautiful your digital stories are. They come across so honest and clear to the audience. With this one, I really enjoyed your voiceover about memories through a physical object and people can hold on to them for only a certain amount of time before they get annoying and not worthy. Memories are hard to store..with technology we are getting better at it. I store a lot of my memories and information in a cloud called the internet.......

:) I liked the fade in the ending of your film.........nice way of showing how memories just fade....

I really liked your story amy. Like Zeina said memories are hard to store. It's hard to get rid of something(s). I think we can all relate to your story! I liked how you decided to tell this story and just come out with it because it's not something people usually talk about, which makes it very powerful. the filming of the dark passageway was creepy and yet so calming. Providing no music was great! It went really well with your story!

I liked your story. It hit home for me since I also have a lot of
stuff that I've gathered from family members as well as from my own life. These items hold a lot of memories but there comes a time to get rid of them and move on. It is a cool idea to make a video of the process since then you'll have a video and not the whole storage space full of stuff! Overall- I agree with Simon and others that you have made some incredible and moving digital stories!

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