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Simon, this is great on many levels. It's interesting how you use music in this film. You are essentially filming the same thing in all three sections, but by playing different music you create a completely different feel each time. Additionally, your digital stories are so f**king honest and out there. You would be good in the independent film industry. I have a lot of other things to say, but I can't quite word them at this juncture. Keep doing what you're doing. Have a great summer.

-Alexander Simpson

Hey Simon, I laughed so hard during this tears came to my. The part I liked the best was the clip of the upset dude at the end. Your response to him was perfect and true. I hope to see more of your work in the future so keep up the awesomeness!

Simon, you are one talented man. Please continue doing awesome work because it is so beautiful and successful.

I know my comment sounds super cheesy......but i'm serious 100%

I plan on showing this video to everyone I know. Not only was it executed beautifully, but it really did portray how it is to make a digital story sometimes!! Your plan can constantly change...I don't know which one was your intention, but what it all turned out to be was amazing.

I showed this to my kid and she thought it was great. She made me play it two more times. So creative and hilarious. Nicely done.

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