The Real Cedar-Riverside


This video is attempting to show viewers the 'real Cedar-Riverside'. Often times this neighborhood is portrayed in a negative life. Here we provide a tour of the neighborhood and in all of its glory. We challenge the problematic framing of this beautiful area.


This was simply amazing, the way it is filmed and the word choice is really interesting. I like how you guys seemed to have a lot of fun with it, it showed a happy side a the neighborhood I have never heard about before. Thank you for this.

This was an amazing video. This definitely showed the positive side of the neighborhood. I liked the filming of the video. Nasser you spoke really well and i could feel the emotion you had when speaking about your neighborhood. I really enjoyed Mufasa's filming. It was entertaining as well and i could tell you guys had fun while filming. Its inspirational to show how beautiful the neighborhood is instead of just talking about it. ( sorry if i spelled anyone's name wrong) :)

I thought this was a great video because it was an inside view of the neighborhood and Riverside Plaza especially. It seemed like a typical afternoon with residents walking by, people going to shops, etc. It was nice to see that because there are so many negative representations of the area and people forget that this is home to so many people. I thought you captured the daily rhythms of the neighborhood well.

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