November 18, 2004


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the Chinatown

The Chinatown in Manhattan, NY is probably one of the earliest Chinatown in the states. It was built in the early 18th century. The neighborhood around the intersections of Canal and Mott Streets downtown contains one of the largest concentrations of Chinese living outside of Asia. The area has evolved into an Asian destination, having attracted a variety of immigrants from Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Asian countries. Chinatown Manhattan is famous for its reasonably priced restaurants featuring Chinese cuisine, as well as Asian grocery stores and unique gift shops. (

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November 15, 2004

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I used to ride the light rail when I was still in California for school. I also ride the subway during the New York trip in the summer. I guess both places give me different feeling about their light rail systems. California is a lot more organized, and New York is just dirty. Light rail is fast and complex, I like to ride on it because itís convenient and it seems cool. I felt the light rail in Minnesota might not be the same, since the snow and the setup is kind of different.

This Friday, I went to ride on the light rail in Minnesota for a school project. I had to ride it for 40 minutes straight, which I felt it was a long trip. I listened to music the whole time, I see people get on and off. In the downtown area is extremely slow, because you have to wait for the red light. My overall experience is okay I guess, and I think it would be even better when they can build more stops around Minneapolis area.

The stop I made was the Metrodome stop in the downtown area. I followed the instruction of sleepwalking a little bit, you can see the bridge is painted behind the stop. You can see thatís the heart of the Minneapolis area I guess. The Metrodome is where the twins won 2 World Series in the past and the home to Minnesota Vikings. You always see a lot people go there on the weekend for the games. The whole thing seem like modernize to me, I think itís pretty cool to have such things over here. One of the meanings to the bridge is probably the people who live around there. Itís the diversity in the area that make the place great, you see all kind people go through that area. I guess thatís something I wouldnít think about it if itís not something I have to do for school

This is an article I found from the internet about the light rail.

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