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The Culture of Toys:

Toys are a luxury for children.  I seems the more they have, the better they are off.  Yet, it seems they never have enough and only want more.  I  don't have any children (not yet), and my childhood had too little emphasis on toys that I cannot count on it.  But looking at all the children around me, all my nieces and nephews, I think toys are just a luxury to them.  They have boxes full of toys, and rarely plays with them, but still expects to receive a bunch of it for their birthdays or Christmas.  They go to their friends and cousins and brag about what they have.  And what they don't have, they demand for it.  

Because of what technology has created,(PS3, PSP, Gameboys, GameCube, and  Xbox), hand held toys are less important today.  What all these toys have in common is the fact that they fill in the empty time children have away from school.  They fill in the family time space, when families cannot and do not have time to spend together.  As what I heard commented by one of my sister in laws, it keeps the children distracted so the children doesn't distract the parents.   

Okay, so we know how children feel about their toys.  What about their parents?   Why do they buy their children toys? Why do some parents spend so much money on just toys? I think the answer is, because they can afford to.  I can't say for luxury, because they don't enjoy the toys themselves.  But I believe they do enjoy bragging to other parents what they bought for their child(ren).  

Toys in Our Classrooms:

Thinking about toys and how we can use it in our classrooms, I think we sometimes forget that some children do not have much or any.  We think that using toys as a subject may increase our students' interest in our lessons, but we overlook those who do not relate to it.  

I don't want to say that using toys will not be effective because it will be for those who can connect with it.  But what about those you don't connect with it? Can we say we are being fair?  Will their lack of experience effect how they react or take from our lessons? 

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Dear Mai,

Thank you for the reminder that some parents buy toys for kids only to keep them out of their way and that it is in some cases a bragging competition or status game to say what they have bought their kids.

Also thank you for reminding us that while games and toys can be a lead in for teaching, that some children have few or none of the commercial toys that families with more resources are able to buy for their children.

Best to you and for the week ahead,


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