So far in my lifetime, I have seen fashion change.  But I think how I saw change differed from how others saw change.  Part of the reason to this is probably my social groupings.   I can't say that bell-bottoms were popular for everyone, or all teenage girls, in the late 90s.  Yes, the late 90s, but it was for me and all my friends.  It was seen as our signature style in our school.  All the "popular" girls had the same clothing identity.  

Clothing is a big part in our identity.  It sometimes signify who we are, and the type of people we hang out with.  If we think about it, there is always some kind of code.  Being female, and having to keep updating my wardrobe is important.  I almost feel like I have to dress up for everything and every social place I decide to go.  

I think that clothing also helps with our sense of belonging.  I hate to admit it, but I believe its true.   There is different clothing codes for everything now and days.  At school, students all wear similar things.  For example, winter boots on top of leggings or skinny jeans.  I have yet to see those go out of fashion.   When I go out, I noticed the same type of clothing wore by young women and teenage girls (shirt dresses).  Sometimes I feel I must wear the same thing in order to "fit into" that kind of place.  

I think that teaching the revolution of fashion can be something interesting.  There are so many ways to have this done.  But the main goal is recognizing changes and its influences.  Being Hmong, I also noticed the change in our traditional Hmong clothing.  I almost feel as though the meaning of it has decreased throughout the years.  I think that is due to our assimilation into the American culture.  But again, it could be that there is a new meaning to our Hmong American culture.  Being that we are also Americans.  

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