December 6, 2005

Last blog entry

Hey Frank, well this will be my last blog entry for my basic writing class, so yeah, you seemed to have had a very nice thanksgiving, and its good that your doing very good in school, you can still ask me any questions that you might have about high school and college, my msn messenger/email is, you can email me there or add me as an msn if you have any questions. The email is also there incase you might want to challenge me in starcraft whenever. It was nice to get to know you, and i hope the best for you in school. -vang

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November 29, 2005

Hey Frank

Hey Frank, how was your thanksgiving with your family, for me it was pretty good all my relatives came down from all over Minnesota. Did you go to the Hmong New Year at the river centre in St. Paul. I went on the second and third day but it was pretty boring, did your parents make you dress up in traditional hmong clothes? How school so far for you, still keeping those grades up? College is going fine for me, its getting close to the end of our semester then we get about a three to four week break until the next semester. So that means that our winter break is about two weeks longer then your winter break. Also the Metrodome new Year is coming up too in December are you going to attend that one as well? Did anything interesting happen to you over winter break? for me I saw a car that was on fire on the highway. It was pretty interesting, and it slowed traffic down though. But yeah keep doing good in school and if you have any questions about high school or college, feel free to ask me. And one last thing, do you know which high school your planning on attending next school year? - Vang

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November 15, 2005

hEy fRAnk

Hey hows it going frank how was your weekend? well thats good that your doing good in class, you should try and keep your grade at level for the whole quater, i forgot to tell you who i was for holloween. I was Kakashi-sensei from the Naruto series, do you watch naruto. if you dont you should, its like the number one cartoon show right now. so the hmong new years are comming up, are you and your family going to go? about starcraft, man i havent played that game in years, i used to play alot when i was a seventh and eight grader, but i havent play for a long time now. its been kinda long. im pretty sure you'll beat me but if you want i can start up my old account and play you if you want. but yeah continue to do well in school..laterz -vang

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November 8, 2005


When I was still in high school at Henry High School, there was this social studies teacher (Mr. Juenneman) who was one of those teachers that you don't really meet often. He was a nice guy and cares alot about his students. When i was still in his class in my junior year i had straight A's because i did my work and conversate with him every morning when i come to class. He was the advisor for NHS (national Honors Society). During Senior year i was his teachers aid and we will just talk about life and college and anything. I had a good time being his aid for my senior year and he helped me out with alot of issues dealing with life and school too. I think he was one of the best teachers that i've had in my life time, because whenever a student wouldn't do well in class or would seem like something is bothering them he would ask them to stay after class and talk to them about thier issues. He would also encourage the bad students to do good. Not alot of teachers out there will spend thier time to talk to students and try to help them achieve like this teacher.

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November 4, 2005

Hey Frank

Hey frank, well for holloween i went to Madison, Wisconsin, because every year on holloween weekend they have a big event, where they close down the streets around the University of Wisconsin Madison, and people just walk around in their holloween outfits. But its only for people who are older then 18. Yeah i used to play starcraft and warcraft when i was still in middle school but i dont play as much anymore. I think its good that you try hard in school because if you think about it school has everything you need. It has your friends, and with an education, you can make anything in life. Doing good in Middle and High school will definetly help you in college. Other then doing your homework and class assignments you need to actually have the heart to persue your education and think about how proud your family and friends will be of you once you accomplish many great things. If you have great friends to motivate you in school then i think that you should do just find, because friends help each other succeed in greatness and everything else. Other subjects im interested in is that I was the Tennis Captain for my tennis team when i was at Patrick Henry High school. I also enjoy video games and movies, and music. So how are your grades doing so far, or how do you think your doing in class? and if you have anymore questions about college or life just let me know and i'll see if i can give you some good advices. -Vang Xiong :P

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November 1, 2005

yO fRAnk

Hey Frank, sorry it took me awhile to write back. Yeah I have a PS2 too... but Im waiting for the PS3 to come out in the spring. You should look out for it when it comes out, Im pretty sure that it'll be pretty good. The game you should look out for is Metal Gear Solid 4, have you played part 3? Well life in college is pretty easy, its not as hard as they say it is. If you do your work and pay attention in class then you will do just fine. But yeah anywaise what grade are you in? and what are your interests. for me Im a freshman in college at the University of Minnesota. I grew up in North Minneapolis, by 17th and Sheridan. I went to middle school at Olson, then went to high school at Washburn from 9th-10th grade. then i transfer to henry from 11th grade-12th grade. Well you should work hard and get through middle and high school, and when you get to college, then i think that you might fine it much more fun then high school and middle school. -Vang Xiong P.S. yeah im a xiong too.

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October 13, 2005


Well the difference between Olson and Lincoln is that these two middle schools are located in two very different areas of North Minneapolis. Lincoln is located on a pretty big street (PENN). While Olson Middle School was located by a creek (Shingle Creek). Also the enviroment of these two schools are different, because Olson is in a pretty decent neighborhood which is located on the border of Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center. The house value of houses in Olson's neighborhood is around 200,000 and up for a house 2 to 4 bedroom house, and they are still in pretty good shape. While the houses around Lincoln are pretty beat up and aren't that good of a shape. The value for these houses are somewhere along 150,000 to 200,000. Just a couple of blocks away from Lincoln is a police station, but around the area, there are still alot of crime activity. This probably means that most of the families who lives around Lincoln doesn't make as much income as the families who lives around Olson Middle School. There aren't as many crime activities around Olson Middle School then there is around Lincoln. I think that the enviroment of the school and where its located has some impact on the students and staff who are attending and working there.

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North Minneapolis

While still on this topic, I would like to make some comments on my perspective of North Minneapolis. Growing up most of my life here, I've notice that the enviroment isn't as violent as the media describes it. Most of the issues that gets published in the news are mostly about crime, which would most likely make people think that North Minneapolis is worse then it really is. They dont really show the good things that happens around the north side, but the crime scenes, the drugs, and burglary. I think that because of this, people who aren't from North Minneapolis usually think that its a bad neighborhood. But its really not like that all the time. Also the schools arent as bad as they say, i mean sure, the materials and resources which the school provides arent in that good of a condition, but they enviroment isnt as bad.

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October 4, 2005

Sherman Alexie VS LaRhonda Jackson

There is a big difference between these two cultures, and the enviroment which they both live upon. LaRhonda who is african american grows up in a urban neighborhood where it is pretty rough. While Sherman is a Native American who grew up in a different enviorment as LaRhonda. LaRhonda grew up in a neighborhood where there is drugs, and crime. Also the difference between their social class is that Sherman believes that education holds the key to his future, while LaRhonda thinks other ways. LaRhonda doesn't take education as seriously as Sherman takes his. LaRhonda beats up people to earn respect among her fellow classmates while Sherman just wants to try and do better in school. Sherman does tries to do better in school, while LaRhonda doesnt try as hard.

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September 29, 2005

Lincoln middle school

Some of the facts which i thought was important was that about 2/3 of the school is african amercian and that 23% of the students attending there are recieving ELL. Also about 94% of the students attending there are recieving free lunch, thats almost all of the students who goes there. That means that most of the students family doesnt make the require income, so they have to get free lunch. But still i found it interesting that the rate of students who attends school 95% of the time jumped in the last few years.

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