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November 8, 2005


When I was still in high school at Henry High School, there was this social studies teacher (Mr. Juenneman) who was one of those teachers that you don't really meet often. He was a nice guy and cares alot about his students. When i was still in his class in my junior year i had straight A's because i did my work and conversate with him every morning when i come to class. He was the advisor for NHS (national Honors Society). During Senior year i was his teachers aid and we will just talk about life and college and anything. I had a good time being his aid for my senior year and he helped me out with alot of issues dealing with life and school too. I think he was one of the best teachers that i've had in my life time, because whenever a student wouldn't do well in class or would seem like something is bothering them he would ask them to stay after class and talk to them about thier issues. He would also encourage the bad students to do good. Not alot of teachers out there will spend thier time to talk to students and try to help them achieve like this teacher.

Posted by at November 8, 2005 4:31 PM