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February 25, 2009

Walker Arts Center


The Walker Art Center is a wonderful place to see different works of art by various artists. Every now and then there are new exhibitions for people to attend and wonder around. The building itself is very contemporary because it does not mirror the look of traditional museums such as that of the Minneapolis Art Institute, another wonderful art museum to visit. The collections at the Walker are fascinating and are by some of the most famous artists such as that of Andy Warhol. The most amazing thing about the museum is that there is an art garden where sculptures and statues are displayed as well as a green house filled with plants and giant sculptures.

My favorite sculpture is the Spoon and Cherry. I discovered recently that the cherry has been removed and transported to get a paint job done. This has created some stir at the Walker Art Center since the spoon and cherry have rarely been apart. Even though the cherry has always been re-painted each year, this is the first year that the cherry has been separated from the spoon. So for the next couple of days/weeks/months, the Spoon will be a lone.

I also recently visited the art gallery at Chamber: Luxury Art Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Although the place is rather small compared to the Walker art center, it's actually neat place to see. The gallery is open to the public and there are lots of wonder art works by various artists around the country that are displayed. Some of them are very extraordinary such as that of the old man silicon that hangs on a wall in the lobby/cafe area. Artworks are displayed throughout the hotel such as the gallery, the lobby, the cafe, the dining area, the bar area, the hall, and even the hotel rooms. The design of the hotel itself is also fascinating and very modern contemporary.


p2 copy.jpg

This picture is that of the Spoon and Cherry located in the art garden at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I changed the cherry into a peach and duplicated the image of my friends and I, and shrunk the images so that they fit in the areas in which i placed them. I also changed the color of the building on the left side to the color of somewhat a pink, red color. This image was modified in photoshop.

February 11, 2009

Audicity Experiment

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February 2, 2009

Self Portrait

self portrait 2.tif

This Self Portrait is a combination of self portraits done in previous courses. The writing seen on the image is a list of personal attributes and goals.