February 20, 2007


I haven't had a chance to check out the kiosk machine down in the Campus Center Wedge but I often use the self-check out at Cub food stores. I really enjoy checking out my own items and I think there are still many things that need to be done in order to satisfy the customers. The biggest problems that frustrate customers are the weigh scale, searching for items from the list, what need to be scan for price, etc. I have the most problem when putting the items onto the scale because I think customers are given a certain amount of time to put the item on the scale otherwise an error will pop up. And also when you remove the items off the scale before you are done scan all your items. Sometimes, searching for items or products from the display screen could create a big problems to customers who have no idea where to find the items or don't know what the item is called. lastly, not all items are display on the display screen, some items have to be scan. There are customers who have no idea what the bar codes are used for.

Blog about a Kiosk you have found... What do you think about it? Pros and Cons?

Study User-Centered Design

Non-profit organization

• What is the site?
• What is the information that is portrays?
• What can you do with this site?
• What are your thoughts on color usage?
• Where is the navigation?
• Where is the search box?
• How do you e-mail a page?
• What type of an organization is CARE?

Simple Tasks:
• Job or internship
• Find annual 1998 report
• Find Care International Officers
• Purchase a carewear infant creeper
• Find and watch Keynote Address by Sen. Barack Obama

Brief Summary:
• Three out of three users understand what the graphic interface before interacting with the website.
• Two out three users could performed the tasks based on the questions generated by facilitator and observer.
• The major obstacles were understanding where to find the information. Some section titles were misleading (i.e. "web features" and "carewear").
• One user used the search box, but didn't see his desired result at the top of the list. Failed to link jobs with careers.
• Our tasks might have been too specific. Given enough time, each user could "muddle through" to complete task.

Recommendations for a More Effective Interface:
• Use larger texts (can be user controlled)
• User brighter color background
• Make section titles clearer
• Alter front page
• More obvious links

January 31, 2007

Second Life

I think your Second Life lecture was very interesting, I have never use it before until today. It seems like more and more users are getting into this kind of online experience especially teenagers or people who enjoy console games and online gaming. In my opinion, I think that in the next 30 - 50 years from now, our online experience will more likely moving toward that direction.

Analyzed Online Game

After playing couple games from shockwave.com, I think that the navigations are pretty simple to play. Audiences basically use the left-right and up-down bottons to control the games. One of the issues that I have was the pop-ups from the websites, I just think they are kind of annoying when you are waiting for the game to load.

January 30, 2007

Analysis the 3 websites

Analysis of these web sites: The New York Times, CNN, and Duluth News Tribune.

A. Content/Subject

-CNN, NY Times, and Duluth News Tribune.

Source of the communication (purpose)

- The main purpose of these websites is to inform audiences or viewers about particular thing that happening locally or around the nation and world wide.

User (needs, interests)

-Users need to know important news right away. Audiences are much more attracted to NY Times and Duluth News Tribune because of their broader view particular issues. CNN and NY Times would place big issues that concern the majority of their viewers but Duluth News doesn't.

Context (similar web sites, situation – time for exploration, circumstance)

-Most of the News sites place their important information on the main page and divided into different columns with information and graphics.

B1. Organization of content (parts of the web site/navigation scheme)

-The NY Times and Duluth News put their links of articles on the left side of the page. CNN does the opposite, they put their links of articles on top and bottom of the page.
-CNN and NY Times use colorful colors and graphics to draw attentions from their audiences but Duluth News doesn't, it has less visuals.
-The second levels of both CNN and NY Times are different but as for the Duluth News, it keeps its pages consistent throughout of the website.

B2. Graphic user interface:

• Grid design (communication, functionality)

-All three different websites used grid design but the NY Times and CNN use wider margins to create the white space that will make the text more readable to viewers.

• Usability (communication, navigation, and accessibility elements)

-All web sites' navigation is very straight forward.

• Style (appearance and location of graphic, multimedia, and navigation elements)

-Appearance and location of graphic were consistence within the New York Times and CNN web sites.

-Navigation was simple to go from page to page without any dead-end page.

January 16, 2007

Interactive 2 - Week #1

What is Interactive Design?
I think Interactive Desings are designs that interact with each others.
What do you want to learn in this course?
I really want to learn how to work with the softwares that offers the best way to design websites and also work with interactive designs.

What applications / programming languages do you know or want to learn?
I know a little bit about DreamWeaver but would like to know more in depth. I want to learn more about different languages such as HTML, CSS, etc.