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Analysis the 3 websites

Analysis of these web sites: The New York Times, CNN, and Duluth News Tribune.

A. Content/Subject

-CNN, NY Times, and Duluth News Tribune.

Source of the communication (purpose)

- The main purpose of these websites is to inform audiences or viewers about particular thing that happening locally or around the nation and world wide.

User (needs, interests)

-Users need to know important news right away. Audiences are much more attracted to NY Times and Duluth News Tribune because of their broader view particular issues. CNN and NY Times would place big issues that concern the majority of their viewers but Duluth News doesn't.

Context (similar web sites, situation – time for exploration, circumstance)

-Most of the News sites place their important information on the main page and divided into different columns with information and graphics.

B1. Organization of content (parts of the web site/navigation scheme)

-The NY Times and Duluth News put their links of articles on the left side of the page. CNN does the opposite, they put their links of articles on top and bottom of the page.
-CNN and NY Times use colorful colors and graphics to draw attentions from their audiences but Duluth News doesn't, it has less visuals.
-The second levels of both CNN and NY Times are different but as for the Duluth News, it keeps its pages consistent throughout of the website.

B2. Graphic user interface:

• Grid design (communication, functionality)

-All three different websites used grid design but the NY Times and CNN use wider margins to create the white space that will make the text more readable to viewers.

• Usability (communication, navigation, and accessibility elements)

-All web sites' navigation is very straight forward.

• Style (appearance and location of graphic, multimedia, and navigation elements)

-Appearance and location of graphic were consistence within the New York Times and CNN web sites.

-Navigation was simple to go from page to page without any dead-end page.