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I haven't had a chance to check out the kiosk machine down in the Campus Center Wedge but I often use the self-check out at Cub food stores. I really enjoy checking out my own items and I think there are still many things that need to be done in order to satisfy the customers. The biggest problems that frustrate customers are the weigh scale, searching for items from the list, what need to be scan for price, etc. I have the most problem when putting the items onto the scale because I think customers are given a certain amount of time to put the item on the scale otherwise an error will pop up. And also when you remove the items off the scale before you are done scan all your items. Sometimes, searching for items or products from the display screen could create a big problems to customers who have no idea where to find the items or don't know what the item is called. lastly, not all items are display on the display screen, some items have to be scan. There are customers who have no idea what the bar codes are used for.

Blog about a Kiosk you have found... What do you think about it? Pros and Cons?