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Happy Retail Holiday to You...

Another holiday and some more money going back to stimulate our economy, yes what a great valentine’s day it was. So what did you buy the wife, the girlfriend, the lover? Maybe just took’em out to dinner and some flowers? Chocolate? Everyone loves chocolate… So what was it? Every year it's the same old holiday, and every year the retail outlets want you to buy something new and better for that significant other, but when is it ever enough?

Over Christmas, all the jewelry company told us to buy her that pendent diamond necklace. For new years they wanted us to get her the diamond earrings to ring the New Year and also to go with the necklace and now for Valentine’s Day we are suppose to top it off with the brilliant bracelet. eeekkk... If you asked me. Where do I even find the money for that? How many extra shifts do I have to pick up to pay for all of that stuff? And that is if I still even have a job by the end of the day….

I'm all for a little economy boosting here, so how about sending some money my way? I can't afford to try and top out last year's gift, so what the government should do is offer a tax cut for everybody who is buying an expensive gift for their significant other or family member... I mean if they are going to give credit to all those people who are going to buy a car or a house this coming up year; wouldn’t it be fair to let others get a tax break as well? Not everyone can afford to buy or is looking for a house or a car right now, so give me a break, give her a break, and give them a break… After that, create a holiday for each and every month so that there is a reason to spend spend... How's that for simulating the economy? We will all be joyfully spending money during these retail holidays…..